How do you log on as administrator in vista

how do you log on as administrator in vista

How do I log on as an administrator?

Jul 24,  · Choose the first option, "Safe Mode" and press Enter. After a time, Vista will show you the log-in screen with two options, Administrator and Other User. Click the Author: Scot Finnie. Dec 11,  · If you don't have a passowrd recovery disc and you still cannot gain access you will have no alternative but to follow the advice in the link you posted - well, as a last resort, which you wouldn't want to do anyway, you could always re-install windows .

Forgot your Windows Vista password? Don't feel too bad because you're not alone. We're supposed to make our passwords difficult to guessbut sometimes we make them so difficult that no one, not even us, can remember them.

There are several ways to find your forgotten Vista password:. If at some point in the past, you created a Windows Vista password reset diskcongratulations for being proactive! Now is the time to use it. Your password reset disk will still work even if you've changed your Windows Vista password since creating it.

Before you skip over this seemingly obvious advice, really take a look at some of these ideas. If you haven't already, put some serious guessing effort in before you move on to more complicated ways of getting your password back.

Most passwords, even overly complicated ones, are often inspired by everyday things in our lives, so you might be able to reverse-engineer your password by guessing how you came up with it. Is it possible that your Vista logon password was created using:. If you share your computer with someone else, that person might have administrator-level access, meaning they'd have the ability to change your Vista password for you.

If you're the only user of the computer, this advice obviously won't do you much good. This is probably true for most people since the majority of us are the sole user of our computer. Now we're getting into the serious stuff. Not impossible, even for the novice, just a lot more involved than guessing. If you've tried the easier ideas above and nothing worked out, follow our How to Reset a Windows Vista Password tutorial.

Yes, there are few commands to execute and you may need to do some things you've never done how to shoot accurately in football, but it's very straightforward and almost always does the trick. They're not the easiest programs in the world to use but if you can follow step-by-step directions, it's almost certain to get you out of this predicament.

If you still can't get into Windows Vista, even after trying free password recovery programs, you'll need to do a clean install of Windows. This is the type of recovery that will erase everything on your PC, including the password you can't remember. This is a drastic and destructive step, but if you forgot your Vista password and can't get in any other way, a clean install is guaranteed to get your PC back in full working order. Once you've figured out your password, or reset it to make a different one, you should think about how to avoid this in the future.

The last thing you want is to repeat these password reset methods again in a few months when you run into the same situation. Besides making a password reset disk as described in the link above, the next best way to make sure you can always get into Windows is to record your how to transfer contact from android to iphone 5 somewhere.

However, instead of writing it down next to your computer or committing a complex password to memory, consider storing it in a password manager. Just make sure to use one that has mobile access so that you can find your password without needing access to Windows.

Another way to ensure that you're never without access to your computer is to set up auto login in Vista. This will let your computer store the password so that all you have to do is turn on your computer to log in to your user account—no password needed! This is definitely not a secure way to use your computer but it is an option. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select personalised content. Create a personalised content profile. Measure ad performance.

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Aug 22,  · How to log on as Administrator in Windows Vista. Feb 01,  · Enabling the Administrator account at Vista Login From the Taskbar, click Start Type Computer Management in the “StartA Search” box and press Enter From the Computer Management Menu, (1) click Local Users and Groups, then Users, (2) double click Administrator, (3) Now simply restart your computer. Feb 16,  · If you are a standard user, Vista will prompt you to elevate to an Administrator by asking for the user name and password of an administrator account. If you are an Administrator, Vista will ask you if it's OK to elevate (and won't ask for a user name or password). - John "BirgerH" wrote.

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My friend activated my Administrator login. I need to login as an Administrator to run a certain program. Kurt Nashville, TN. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question 2. Hi nitro88, Has your friend, by any chance, changed your administrator password? If you set the password up originally then, unless someone changed it, you should be able to gasin access with it. I assume you didn't create a password recovery disc when you created your administrator password?

If you did then you can use that to change the password and gain access. If you don't have a passowrd recovery disc and you still cannot gain access you will have no alternative but to follow the advice in the link you posted - well, as a last resort, which you wouldn't want to do anyway, you could always re-install windows and start from scratch but that option, really, is the 'last' resort.

How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. I didnt create a password recovery disc. Yes my friend did change my pw, but when I logged in with the one created it didnt work.

The he had me change it to something I wanted. Tried it; it didnt work either. Fortunately, the program that was demanding Admin login seems to be functioning the way I need now without logging in as Admin. But I'll keep this discussion on file if I ever need it. Thanks for your help! In reply to nitro88's post on December 11, Hi Kurt, I'm glad that everything now seems to be functioning correctly.

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