How to become a magician maplestory

how to become a magician maplestory

Magician (Ice, Lightning)

There are 5 jobs available in Maplestory: Warrior, Bowman, Thief, Pirate and, Magician. I assume that you are interested in choosing Magician, as that is what this guide is about. Pros and Cons of being a Magician. Now, you may wonder, like all beginners, why you should become a Magician. Apr 07, The player will be given an HP and MP boost, as well as a basic magician weapon. Upon reaching Level 30, Magicians will be given the choice to advance to a Wizard (Fire, Poison) (eventually becoming Arch Mages (Fire, Poison)), Wizard (Ice, Lightning) (eventually becoming Arch Mages (Ice, Lightning)), or Cleric (eventually becoming Bishops).

Hello there, Magicixn Let me tell you a little about Maplestory. Maplestory is a 2D multi-player online game. In this addictive game, you will make friends, create or join parties and guilds, do quests, becom and communicate with other players etc.

This guide is purely based on my own experience as a Magician, bexome you need not follow my guide completely. Who knows, maybe changing a little here and there will create a even better Magician?

I assume that you are interested in choosing Magician, as that is what this guide is about. Now, you may wonder, like all beginners, why you should become a Magician. Well, Magicians have the highest amount of MP in the game and the coolest spells. Also, Magicians can attack at both close range and long range and your spells are fast. The disadvantage is that you have low HP. But if you carry along potions with you, or cast Magic Guard a 1st job skillyou can avoid dying most of the time.

Click to roll the dice until it looks like this:. Note from player: There is no more rolling dice Another note: You can reset stats once you advance to the first job, so initial stats are not a big deal. How do you add those? Well, you just have to how to become a magician maplestory sure that your luck is always 3 more than you level.

It is needed for you to equip armours and weapons. Player note: Again, now MapleStory allows you to reset your stats once you make the job advancement, so initial stats are how to buy mcdonalds stocks a big deal. As a beginner training on Maple Island, it is hard since you do not have much strength. When you're just about Level 8, or going to reach it, go to Shanks in Southperry. Board the ship, it costs maplesory.

Player note: Apparently the job master will now grant you extra SP for the ones you have "wasted" on Maple Island.

I would suggest you leave this at Level 1. This is so as if it's at Level 1, you only need to use Green Snail Shells. If you up it to Level 2, you have to use Blue Snail Shells which are harder to obtain. Player Note: Now, the three how to become a magician maplestory skill maolestory not require snail shells, rather it conjures them up from your MP.

It enables you to move around faster, and can be useful when you want to escape from monsters. However, it costs quite a lot of MP. With the edited cooldown, it's very useful for some classes with slow movement speeds, like Warriors.

Train on the Green Snails, Blue snails, and the Shrooms. Do not attempt to kill the red snails or the orange mushrooms, unless you are doing quests, as their HP is quite high and does not give good EXP. The best way to level up is to do all the available quests. Mmagician you reach Victoria Island, go towards Olaf, who's close to the other side 13 c is what in fahrenheit the city, on the bottom.

Talk to him and complete his quests. From here, you can either take a taxi mesos, recommended or walk to Ellinia. If you want to take a taxi, head back towards the ship. You'll see a large wooden booth. Talk to the guy in the booth, and ask to go to another town Ellinia.

Once inside, talk to Grendel the Really Old and he will accept you as a Magician. Note:In the recently patched version that I have once you reach lvl 8 then you will be asked a series of questions by a maple admin. If you answer correctly what does the name josephine mean in english should tell you that you are suited to be a Magician, if you want, how to become a magician maplestory will teleport you right to Grendel.

After you made the job advancement, you will be able to access some skills as a Magician. Your skills are divided into 3 main groupsPassive, Supportive and Active. Passive skills cannot be cast but nevertheless, they are skills that will help you a lot in how to become a magician maplestory game. Supportive skills are defensive skills that can be cast. Active skills are attack skills, which can be used to attack monsters. This skill increases the amount of MP you recover gow 10 seconds.

Important and very useful, must be maxed. You may not understand what this skill does. Well, basically, you get some extra MP each time you lvl. When you have this skill, you will have more MP when you lvl up. If you do not max it, you would have lesser MP compared to the other magicians, and in the long run, a little more MP may turn out to be a big difference.

Ignore what the skill book says about this skill. Do not add any AP into MP as it is really a waste. When you uses this skill, magicoan of the HP damage u receives becomes MP damage for some time, depending on your skill lvl. However, when you have no MP left, the damage magiciwn will all be HP damage. A useful skill, can be maxed after you have added the other important skills.

This skill temporarily increases your weapon defense. This is an attacking skill. It uses very little MP to attack an enemy once. You should leave it at level one to unlock Magic Claw, a more useful skill. This is your main attacking skill. You have to max it in order to have high attack.

It uses more MP than Energy Bolt to attack an enemy twice. You will receive 1 skill point SP after you made the job advancement and 3 SP per level up after that. Now, what skills should you put SP into? You may not want to follow my build exactly.

Feel free to edit the skills addition and sequence. Who knows, it might turn out to be even maplestlry However, no matter how you add your skills, the results should be something like this:. Well, at first, Energy Bolt may seem like a better choice, as it causes higher damage. But after your Magic Claw is lvl 7 and above, you will notice that it is really useful and quick. Amazing, right? Thus, to avoid dying due to bceome low Maplestoty, we should add Magic Guard, which helps to ensure that we do not die so easily as the damage given to us by monsters are taken by MP which we have a lot of.

You may want to know, since Magicians have weak melee attack, where should they train? I made a list of training places for you, but it is up to your own preference. You can choose others places to train too. Train at Maple Island snails and shrooms. Remember to do quests, which will basically give you all the EXP you need.

If you are going to do PQ, go to Kerning City and form a party of 4. Choose a channel with very little people and ask your leader to talk to Lakelis. One word of warning though, you might have to wait very long for your turn.

You might want to refer to: Kerning City Party Quest for more information on this. Note: Recently added down jump does not work in the Battle Tto. To help you save mesos, here are my opinions on the equipments that Magicians can wear:. Note: Between levelmost of the monsters you encounter would not deal out Magic Attacks, so you do not how to become a magician maplestory need the added Magic Defence of the equipments for Magicians.

Apprentice Hat - Pretty useless. This hat only adds MD, which is not helpful at this level. Wizardry Hat - Don't waste your mesos to buy this.

It only has a WD of maplestorh which is even lower than the previous hat. Good 15 WD. Pride - Only the Golden Pride how to lay a patio on sand useful.

Jester - This hat is quite good, with an average WD of 12 and some added stats. If not, you can hunt the jesters from monsters such as Zombie Mushroom or buy it.

You'll be wearing this for about 10 levels. Get it if you can afford it. Stolen Fence - Your first shield. Buy it at Lith Harbour when you get to Victoria Island if you have enough money.

It costs 2k but offers 5 What does waterfly mean in shakespeare.


MAGICIAN OVERVIEW. The Magician may look fragile, but this powerful magic-user can obliterate enemies from afar with devastating spells. With a large amount of mana, the Magician can cast elemental or supportive skills from a distance while characters stronger in melee combat engage monsters up close. When you first become a magician, you are granted one Skill Point (SP). Put this skill into 'Energy Bolt'. Click on the arrow next to Energy Bolt just as you would to for stats. Click and hold on Author: Jankers. Upon reaching Level 30, an Explorer Magician can become a Magician (Ice, Lightning) by choosing to become a Wizard (Ice, Lightning) after completing the 2nd Job Advancement at Level Their second job is Wizard (Ice, Lightning), their third job is Mage (Ice, Lightning), and their fourth job .

Magician Ice, Lightning is a branch of the Explorer Magician class. Their job specialty skill is Freezing Crush , which allows one to deal extra Lightning damage on monsters frozen by Ice skills. Ice skills can slow down the enemy, with a maximum of 5 stacks; the more stacks, the higher the damage boost for Lightning skills.

However, using Lightning skills will decrease the Ice stacks, meaning that you will need to maintain a balance of both Ice and Lightning attacks to maximize damage output. When the player reaches Level 10 as a Beginner, aspiring Magicians will be sent to the Magic Library in Ellinia to talk to Grendel the Really Old , who will advance the player to a Magician.

The player will be given an HP and MP boost, as well as a basic magician weapon. At Level 30, the player will receive a lightbulb on the side from Grendel the Really Old , who will send the player back to the Magic Library. He will allow the player to choose to advance to either a Wizard Fire, Poison , Wizard Ice, Lightning , or Cleric ; a player that desires to become a Bishop will want to advance to a Wizard Ice, Lightning.

Grendel the Really Old will send the player to a special map to collect 30 Dark Marbles from the Zombie Lupins inside. Upon returning, he will advance you to a Wizard Ice, Lightning. At Level 60, the player will receive a lightbulb on the side from Grendel the Really Old once again, who will teleport the player to the Chief's Residence in El Nath to speak with Robeira.

She will teleport the player to the Dead Mine 's Holy Ground at the Snowfield , where the player must click on the Holy Stone at the bottom of the map to enter another dimension.

At Level , the player will receive a lightbulb on the side from Robeira. After speaking to her, the player must head to Leafre and venture to the Forest of the Priest , which can be accessed by walking to Valley of the Antelope 1 and entering the portal on the top right indicated by a wooden face-like structure to meet Gritto. For information on the 5th Job Advancement, visit this page. Beginner Link Skills. Hero Paladin Dark Knight.

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