How to block a number on t mobile prepaid

how to block a number on t mobile prepaid

How to block "Out-of-Plan Number" ?

T-Mobile prepaid customers can turn on Scam Block by dialing ##, visiting a retail store, or contact us. Here's a few ways to block specific numbers: Visit the Devices page, select your device, and look for steps to block calls. Blocking your number for the duration of a call. Follow these simple steps to block your number. Note: This will only block your number for the duration of the call. And this method will not work for toll-free or emergency services numbers.

For more details on suspensions, see Hlock suspensions. When you suspend your line, your account might require a minimum monthly fee, payments for your plan, and payments for any equipment on a payment plan for the remaining term of your agreement. Also, if mobioe have an account with several lines, you can only suspend one line at a time.

While a line is suspended, you're prepxid responsible for paying how to give a dark skinned person a hickey bill and if applicable, your monthly device payment and device hoq charges.

Suspending a line may change your monthly plan cost--see information for your specific account type below. Use these steps to temporarily suspend your line or to restore it from suspension. T-Mobile app From the T-Mobile app home screen. Select the Account tab.

Select the line you need to update. Click either How do i commit to losing weight lost or jow or Suspend a line temporarilydepending on the type of suspension you need. Follow prepaif on-screen steps to suspend or restore your line. In the My Line section click your device name to access the suspend option. In the account overview page, scroll down to Lines and Devices. Select the appropriate line.

Click Continue. Choose a start date and end date, then click Continue. Click Continue and follow on-screen step. Tap Line suspended: Temporary vacation hold. Click Yes, Reactivate. You can suspend a line twice in a month period. Each suspension can last up to 90 days. Active individual lines will be billed their regular monthly charge. The third, non-suspended line will be billed its regular monthly charge, including any data add-ons and other features.

When one or more lines on a multi-line plan remain active, the account will w billed peepaid plan's regular monthly charge, including any data add-ons or additional features.

T-Mobile works with government agencies and other major wireless carriers throughout the world to block stolen devices. When you report a device as lost or stolen, T-Mobile reports the International Mobile Equipment Identity IMEI number, a serial number that identifies your wireless device, to an international database.

This prevents the device from being used on most carrier networks, including T-Mobile's, even if another SIM card is inserted. If you happen to find the device later, how to block a number on t mobile prepaid is fast and easy.

If your device is lost how to block a number on t mobile prepaid stolen, suspending your service will help prevent additional charges from unauthorized users. Once you suspend your line, it will be inactive and unavailable for use.

If you find your device, you can restore service to the line by returning to My T-Mobile. If you haven't already reported your device as stolen and suspended the line, please do so immediately. This will block the device and the line from prepzid unauthorized use. If your bill shows charges to your device after the loss, but before you suspended service and reported it stolen, you can dispute those charges. We will investigate your moible activity, and you may need to provide further information regarding the theft or loss as part of our investigation.

We take all facts and circumstances into consideration as part of our investigation, including reviewing your account mlbile compare the usage during the time that the device was missing until the time when the phone was in your possession. We consider all relevant information, including any documentation you can provide demonstrating that the device wasn't in your possession when the charges were made.

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Blocking your number for the duration of a call.

T-Mobile works with government agencies and other major wireless carriers throughout the world to block stolen devices. When you report a device as lost or stolen, T-Mobile reports the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, a serial number that identifies your wireless device, to an international database. T-Mobile does offer a service called Family Allowances that allows a Parent Line to block up to ten numbers per line for each line on the account, but I want to be up front: this service does have a monthly charge, and will only work on the network; it won't block calls or messages coming in over WiFi or when you're domestically roaming. Type the phone number in the Enter number field according to the match criteria you've just selected. Or, tap the Contact icon to pick up the desired contact you wish to block from Logs or Contacts app.

Access is provided free of charge to all T-Mobile postpaid lines. After the allotment is used, the app will not work until you return to T-Mobile coverage. Android 6. Business accounts must have fewer than 12 lines. The web client is available to postpaid and prepaid legacy customers who are on unlimited talk and text plans excluding Pay As You Go and Prepaid 2.

Chrome web browser. Android app: The app will ask for 6 permissions, these can be skipped and the app will open, however, the permissions must be accepted for the app to function correctly. A pop-up will appear for the needed permissions and must be accepted for the app to function. Setup the Do Not Disturb feature to send calls directly to voicemail or avoid notifications for text messages and voicemails.

You can only sync from a phone. Android: When you get a call from a verified number, you'll see a "Number Verified" pop-up screen. As part of this update, you will no longer be able to access multi-line settings directly from your phone. Back up any unsaved voicemails older than 30 days that you want to keep before multi-line settings are removed from your device on January 23, To access them:.

Additionally, the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app offers visual voicemail functionality, and also voicemail to text for customers who subscribe to that feature. Am I able to continue using the multi-line settings? No, while you can temporarily postpone the software update, the software update from Samsung will eventually be pushed to your device at which time you will lose multi-line settings.

Will my multi-line settings go away? No, if the device model is not in the list of impacted devices you can keep using multi-line settings. Requirements Android 6. Login using your T-Mobile ID. If you don't have a T-Mobile ID, learn how to register one. Complete 2-factor authentication. To verify your identity, T-Mobile will send a text to your phone number. Or, if you have set up security questions on myT-Mobile. If this is the first time using the app, agree to the Permissions requests.

The application will run through several automatic configuration screens. Make sure you are around your T-Mobile phone when you are ready to log in on your computer. If prompted, click Accept to agree to the terms and conditions. Sign in with your T-Mobile ID and password. Sign in with your T-Mobile ID. Click the line that you wish to grant a user access to. Click Add new user to provide another user access to the line. If the new user is not a T-Mobile customer, you can still grant them access to the line by entering their email.

The user will receive an email with steps and a link to create a T-Mobile ID to access that line only. Click the line that you wish to remove user access from. Click Remove next to that user's email address.

Log into My T-Mobile. Select Profile. Select Multiple Devices on the left. Tap Add a Digits line. You can choose to skip this step.

Enter the phone number of the device you are using the app on and click Next. For example, if using a Verizon phone, enter the Verizon phone number. Enter the six-digit code you received via SMS and click Next. Choose from the following: Use minutes and data: All your calls will use minutes from your primary line and all messages will use data.

Use data only: Your primary line will continue to work normally. Android: Tap the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner. Under Line settings, tap Do not disturb. Move the slider to enable do not disturb for the following options: Messages - stops new message notifications. Calls - prevents all incoming calls and sends them directly to voicemail and stops missed call notifications.

Voicemails - stops new voicemail notification. Tap the switch next to Line State to turn on or off. Web client On the top-left of the web page, click the Settings gear. Click the switch next to Register to turn on or off. Tap the triple dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen, then tap Sync Contacts. Place a call using the Dial Pad. Select which number you want to place a call from in the drop down at the top of the screen.

Dial the number and tap Call. Press Call to continue the call and you will be connected to the original number you dialed. If using a phone with a valid SIM, the call is transferred to the built-in phone dialer.

You can use the built-in app phone controls for most functions. In the To: field, enter the contact name. You can also click the number buttons to manually dial the number. Click the green Call button. In the Web client, initiate a new call to the first contact. Select New Call in the lower left hand corner and initiate a second call, the first call will automatically be placed on hold. Once the second call connects, select Add Participant, and select the first contact to join the calls.

Use the search bar or the alphabet navigation on the right side to search your contacts. Select which contact you want to call. This will pull up that contact's details. Select which number you would like to call. If you are using multiple lines, select which line you would like to place the call from. Tap the Menu icon with triple dots in the upper right corner. Tap Sync Contacts. You may only store a copy of one device's contacts. Use the drop down at the top of the screen if you want to only view messages for one of your lines.

On Android: Tap the New Message circle in the lower right corner of the screen. If you are using multiple lines: Use the top drop down menu to select which line you want to use. Use the keypad to enter a recipient or multiple recipients. You can use numbers or letters. Tap Next in the upper right.

Start typing your message. Attach any media files using the paper clip icon to the left of your message. If you are using multiple lines: Use the top drop-down menu to select which line you want to use. Tap the To: line. Tap Done on your keypad. Attach media files using the photo or paper clip icons to the left of your message. Click the arrow to the right of your message to send. In the Add recipients field, enter the numbers or contacts you are sending the message to.

In the Type a message field, enter you message then click the Send icon paper airplane. Tap Voicemail on the right side of the screen. Tap the voicemail message you would like to listen to. To delete a voicemail, swipe the voicemail from the right side of the screen. Select the voicemail you would like to listen to. Once selected, you can download the voicemail or call or message the number who left the voicemail.

To delete the voicemail, click on the person icon and select Delete Selected at the bottom. During a call, use the dial pad to transfer a call. Tap Transfer Call.

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