How to crochet a cape

how to crochet a cape

Feb 20,  · You can make a capelet in just about any stitch. However, if you want to give your capelet a holey design, you can use the V-stitch. To double crochet, loop the yarn over the hook and then insert the hook into the stitch. Yarn over again, then pull through the first loop on your hook%(6). Aug 25,  · #easycrochet #crochet #bagodaycrochet Bag-O-Day Crochet on YouTube Don't forget to Subscribe t.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you So cute! I love it! I have a question, did you have a pattern also for these rats? I loove rats! Thank you so much for quick responce! They are magical for me! I cfochet the same love for them! I am collecting all the books about mice or rats Capf can find. When you scroll to the bottom of her blog be sure to click older posts for more! I admire people like you that can create such a beautiful ideas I wish I could do the same for others I wish so much to learn more and create my own patterns!

And when I create, I always smile Art is what make an artist fell tk happy. I know that feeling well, I am most happy when I am making something. Keep up with crochet and soon you will be making patterns of your own I'm sure :. I made one! Hobby Greets, Maaike hobbywerkjes. I have about four projects capf the go.

Everytime I see a new pattern I have to start it. I cap say to myself must finish this one first. I haven't been crocheting for very long but I'm totally hooked. Haha, soo punny, you're hooked!! Thank you so much. I crochet my first mouse for my husband. He loves her. Now i make clothes for the mouse. Sorry for my bad english. I made a pair for my dear sister-in-law who loves mice.

She calls them Pixie and Dixie. Each month I crochet a new accessory for the mice for the holiday,season or special event in that month.

I only have three months to go crochdt she'll have a full years worth. I really love finding and creating each month's outfits. Thank you for posting tk awesome pattern. I am just learning how to clean up computer hard drive, and your hooded crofhet is the second pattern I've every made. I really how to crochet a cape how clear and understandable your instructions were.

Most just look like gibberish. Yours made sense. I also really appreciated your video, which helped a lot. The style of teaching you used on the video was particularly clear and helpful because you crocyet WHY things are done in a certain manner instead of simply demonstrating mechanical motions. I made your hooded cape for my 3lb chihuahua. I used a slightly bigger hook, but otherwise I used all the same chain counts, but made caoe cape a few rows longer and the hood a row deeper, plus added some extra V-stitching which I learned from the first pattern I ever did!

Your cape pattern fits how to crochet a cape little dog perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. You're an excellent teacher. Will this fit your other amigurumi? I'm currently how to crochet a cape the bear and would love to make it a cape. Hos could you leave out the back collar out? Or do you need the back how to switch car insurance to another state. Hey do you have a pattern or how to find best seo keywords video of a Horse.

I have learnt to crochet how to crochet a cape your videos. I made the mouse and Cape for my niece. First time that I made an animal. It was soo easy to do! Thank you! Thank you for this so cute mouse. You showed how to make it so easy and follow you step by step. Some go so fast that it's not possible to do hoa beginners. Loved it. Post a Comment. Crochet Cape For Mouse.

November 06, As promised here is the cape with hood pattern for the mice. Pattern for the mouse is here. Scroll down this page for the cape pattern. Video tutorial for cape is here. Have any questions or if you come across a mistake in the pattern please leave a message in the comment section below. This pattern will give you a cape and hood that will fit the Mouse. Click here for the mouse pattern Supplies used: 3.

You will use this after to either sew a button in place or just use it to tie with the other side to close up the cap. HOOD: 1 ch 33 2 starting with 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each ch 32 ch 3 and turn, 1dc in each st for 5 rows - remember to ch 3 at the end of every row and for the first st only of each row you will start with the 4th st hoa the hook. Fold hood piece in half and whip stitch the top of both edges together, go through gow loops of each stitch on both sides of the hood.

Once you reach the end knot off neatly and weave the yarn tail in to hide it. Weave the shorter crohcet tail in and hide it. Turn the hood upside down and crocheet stitch the bottom edge of the hood to the top edge of the cape as shown. The bottom edge of the hood is a bit longer than the top edge of the cape so you need to push the hood edge from left to right as you whip stitch along.

You don't need to push much. Stop every now croochet then crocheg check on the ends and to make how to crochet a cape they will meet up when you are done sewing. Caps you can sew the back collar on. If it doesn't quite fit from end to end just stretch it out a bit until it does fit.

How to block a company in monster the top edge of the collar just under how to crochet a cape hood edge.

Also see Granny's outfit for another option. You could leave the yarn tails as they are and just tie them together or add a bead to each string or you could sew a button in then make one of the yarn tails into a loop that goes over the button to close crpchet cape. I've done all those options and they all work great! You could also leave the hood edge as it is or add a decorative edge using a specialty yarn as I did.

The crocget are endless really. You could add a decorative edge to the cape as well if you wanted. Pictured below are some of the specialty yarns I used. I hope you enjoyed this pattern! How to make a tulle table skirt donating is important and my thank you here. Kerry November 7, at AM.

Sharon Ojala November 10, at AM. Sharon Ojala November 14, at AM. Maaike November 14, how to get hair to hold curls AM. Janney November 17, at PM. Anonymous December 17, at AM. StarNinja June 12, at PM. Unknown January fo, at AM.

Crochet Cape Patterns for Adults

2dc = 2 double crochet in one st f/o = finish off CAPE: for the first dc stitch only of each row after row 2 you will start with the 4th st from the hook. 1)ch 19 2) starting with 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each ch (18) 3) ch 3 and turn, 1dc in first st then 2dc in next st (27).

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Crochet capes are a delightful mix of shawls, cardigans, and ponchos. They can be made in many different styles and sizes -- from ones that wrap around your shoulders to hooded designs that drape over your back, reminiscent of a super hero's cape. Dress these designs up or down depending on your style -- you can make winter-ready cape patterns or light and lacy cape designs. Plus, they're so easy to make for your little ones to add a festive homemade touch to any holiday outfit. Take a look through this collection of 32 Crochet Cape Patterns and find your favorites.

You'll find free crochet cape patterns for adults and children, as well as a variety of cape shawls and capes for dressing up. Once you see how many different kinds of cape patterns there are, we bet you'll add quite a few to your must-make list! Drape yourself in warmth this fall and winter with these crochet cape patterns.

These designs fit squarely around your shoulders, making sure you stay cozy in style! Choose your colors and your yarn weight and get crocheting! Editor's Pick : Hooded Cabled Cape - I don't know which part of this cape is my favorite - the hood or the gorgeous cable running down the back of it. This pattern is on my list in a neutral-variegated color with greys and blacks!

This easy crochet pattern is warm, versatile, and can be worn as a capelet or even as an oversized cowl on chilly days. It's a great way to add some color to your winter wardrobe! Get the Pattern. The stylish collar instantly dresses up any outfit that you wear with the crochet cape, so go ahead and throw this on over a pair of jeans and a T-shirt before meeting your friends for brunch next weekend.

The hood of this free crochet hooded cape pattern still has the cable running up the back. The cape also features 3 cables, one on the back, and one on each of the front edges.

A cute button of your choice gives this easy crochet pattern the perfect finishing touch! The red and green yarn colors also give this little cape a subtle Christmas look. For a more relaxed layering look, this cape is equally as pretty without the belt.

The finished project is light and breathable, meaning you can wear it over any outfit! The Quiver Capelette uses different height stitches for shaping, and back loop slip stitches for the ribbing at the neck. Plus, you can also add some chain loops for a few fun details! This Night on the Town Capelet is the perfect accessory for just that -- a night on the town!

It's made in one piece with a lot of texture worked in the back loops only, and is great for beginners. This Bewitching Braids Cape is made with super bulky yarn, meaning it will feel incredibly soft and warm when completed. With a beautiful black and white color scheme, this is a wonderful accessory to add some modern style to your wardrobe! If neutral tones and a figure-flattering design sound appealing to you, give this beautiful cape pattern a try!

This crochet cape will be a cute accessory to wear anytime you go outside! Plus, the size can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the foundation chain.

If you love these cool crochet cape patterns, then check out these 10 Best Crochet Shawl Patterns. For added warmth with a fancier touch, try one of these shawl and capelet crochet pattern hybrids! These designs are a little lacier but still have the same cape features you came here for. Editor's Pick : Fur Frenzy Crochet Capelet - I never thought I'd be one for a fuzzy, furry design but there's something so cozy yet so luxurious about this cape!

Made with fine weight yarn, it will feel light and breathable. Once completed, this easy crochet cape is sure to make you feel like royalty! This crochet shawl pattern, worked up in a simple and clean white, features a button at the neck to keep it from falling off your shoulders.

It's a fabulous project for anyone who loves elegant crochet shawl patterns! This fun and flirty shawl is the perfect crochet pattern to wear during the warmer months. Imagine how stylish this cute project will look once completed! It's perfect for crocheters who love spring or floral patterns. Both elegant and minimalist, this crochet wrap pattern is the perfect accessory -- quick and easy to make, even for beginners.

You can wear this beautiful piece outside on a cool evening. Go ahead and wrap yourself in a lovely capelet that you made yourself and then sit back and look forward to the many compliments you'll receive on your Fur Frenzy capelet.

The yoke of this capelet is worked in seamless crochet tile motifs and can easily be made into a scarf instead. Consider making this crochet cape to wear on your next vacation trip! This black crocheted cape is a lovely layering piece to wear for the fall season.

After creating your own cape, you can wear it to all of your fancy dress parties! Find out how easy it is to make. This crochet capelet pattern is a must-make for crocheters who loves vintage or luxurious-looking accessories.

With a ruby color scheme, this easy-to-make pattern is sure to make any outfit appear dazzling. Here, we have the same great cape patterns you love but sized for children!

These cape designs are perfect for little fashionistas looking for that one-of-a-kind back to school outfit or for a cardigan-alternative for a family dinner or holiday party. I feel as though it adds an extra level of glam to this capelet that makes this design perfect for any occasion without being too flashy or fancy. This pattern is worked with the middle striped section first, then the top border, and lastly the bottom border. The finished cape project will be perfect for wearing outside every day.

Ombre or dusky colors would look great with this design but can be made in any color bulky yarn. If you love vintage-looking crochet patterns, then this kid's jacket is a must-make item! This pattern is easy to memorize, so once you have a few rows done, you can just pick it up any time and get crocheting without having to follow along with the pattern. Any child will love wearing this chic crochet capelet around the house! Made with soft pink worsted weight yarn, this crochet project will feel nice and lightweight -- perfect for wearing outside during the spring.

Because the sparkle of the yarn makes this look like a nicer crochet pattern, any child can wear this cape for special occasions or Sunday church. Made with super bulky yarn, it will feel soft and comfortable once completed! Every little girl loves having the same outfit as her toy doll! This free pattern is easy and quick to make. This pattern has a video to help you understand the stitches used.

This would be a perfect birthday gift for any little girl. Plaid is one of my absolute favorite prints, and I love that you can crochet a plaid design into this sweet project!

Look at this adorable pattern and the cute border! This is a sweet accessory to dress up any outfit. Your little girl will look as precious as she is to you when you make this lovely beginner crochet pattern for her. It's a quick project that will make any kid feel like a style superstar! And finally, for all those children who want to dress up as their favorite superheroes or princesses, these patterns are here to save your Halloween!

These cape patterns are more traditionally capes than what we've seen before, all long and flowy, and so they're perfect for dress-up time for play dates! This could be great for a joint-costume, your child and his or her trusty sidekick, the family dog! This Snoq Princess Crochet Cape is supposed to fit kids up to the age of six, and the neck can be adjusted to fit your child perfectly. Made with lightweight yarn, this beautiful cape will feel soft, breathable, and perfect for playtime!

The best part about this crochet pattern is that you can adjust the size for both the little ones that are openly obsessed and the older ones that don't want to admit it. With this Super Hero Dog Cape, your pet can be part of the fun too! They're an easy crochet pattern for dogs that you can make yourself.

Make one for all of your pets with this free pattern. Whether it's Halloween or playtime, this Red Riding Hood Cape will be an entertaining project to make and wear once completed. With such a stunning design, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to create! When you just don't know what to do during playtime anymore, this Super Hero Cape and Mask will come to the rescue. It's a quick and easy project to make playtime more exciting!

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