How to get a bus driver fired

how to get a bus driver fired

Louisiana School Bus Driver Out of Job After Racist Comment to 11-Year-Old Student

Dec 13,  · Just notify your parents. Also take video with your phone showing that she runs red lights and stop signs. Tell you parents it's a big deal and it shouldn't be taken lightly. Your principle will. Sep 21,  · So .. how to get the mean old bus driver fired. You could write a letter to the school board, but all that would do is get the driver a raise and make you the butt of ridicule. You see, Nathan.

Rashad Gabriel told his mother Rose when what to say to terminally ill acquaintance got fored the school bus on April 9 that the female driver made the comment referencing the death of George Floyd after telling him to pull up his face mask.

The 6th grade student had run to catch the bus to Trist Middle School in Louisiana that morning and his mask had slipped down his nose.

Because she…. Don't make him feel inferior. He's not inferior to nothing. The shocked mother reported the incident straight to the school on Monday after driving her son to school so he could avoid having to meet with the bus driver again. The fited immediately admitted that she made the comment and the matter was referred to School Superintendent Doris Voitier. The woman is no longer employed by St.

Bernard Parish but Voitier could not confirm if she was fired or had quit. I don't condone that. What she said is offensive and inappropriate. It was racially insensitive. And we took appropriate action. Sign in. Home News Entertainment Lifestyle Sport. All Football. Frances Mulraney. Most read in News. Commenting is how to get a bus driver fired disabled on this article.

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The retort was heard by other students and recorded on a video surveillance system

Nov 05,  · start a petition to have her fired and have every bus rider sign it one day turn it in the counseler i did that to my bus driver last year and he was fired in like 5 days or less hope it works.:). Mar 20,  · There is no way to get the driver fired. You are lucky that you have free transportation to school. If you do not like the bus, walk or find other transportation. A Louisiana school bus driver has lost her job after making a racially insensitive comment about George Floyd to a Black student boarding the bus.. The comment was reported to the school system by.

Jonathan McKenney drove a school bus owned by Jamie Lee, who's contracted by the Hamilton County School system to provide school bus transportation. McKenney claims in a Facebook post on his personal page that he was fired by Lee over a comment he made on the Hamilton County Schools Facebook page on Thursday morning which said, "If the W and roberts mill are closed by the sheriff's department, that should be a big clue.

I just don't get it. Following McKenney's dismissal, he posted the following on his personal Facebook page:. I'm not apologizing for my opinion. I will miss my kids dearly but I guess it's time for a new chapter. Anyone who wants to see the post can go to the HCDE Facebook post from this morning and see if what I said was worth them getting their feelings hurt over. I thought I would do this til i retired or died. Our system is full of hypocrisy and they couldn't stand someone having an opinion no matter how bland or someone who would fight for their kids and hold them to policy they set.

Channel 3 reached out to the Hamilton County School system for comment. A spokesperson for the school system released the following statement on behalf Lee, which acknowledges the Facebook comment but says the McKenney was fired for other reasons: In , McKenney was recognized by Hamilton County Schools for keeping a child safe during a bus stop on Signal Mountain.

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