How to make a big heart on fb

how to make a big heart on fb

How to Make a Heart on Facebook

Big heart in fb I have a heart necklace that is marked nv on the inside. the heart opens and it looks like rhinestones around the front of the heart. what does nv mea Make heart or red heart om my wall how to type heart like:) ;;0 sometime it comes out smiling face:). How to maek a huge heart on Facebook status big heart. How do i make the huge open heart on facebook? How to write a huge heart on facebook comments? Big heart to facebook. What does mean heart symbol mean on facebook status? if a girl put it on their status? Why is there a blue heart on facebook for in a relationship status?

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Using Heart. How to make big heart on fb? How to make a large heart on fb comments. Asked by: Sherita. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in.

Top Solutions. If yu hav a samsung captivate, you change your input method to android do this by holding down the text area keybord go to symbols and find Save this heart or this page somewhere, and every time you want to post this heart, copy and paste it. Edit: You can't do the white heart Add your answer. Suggested Solutions what is the rating for 50 shades of grey What's this?

If yu hav a samsung captivate, you change your input method to android do this by holding down the text area keybord go to symbols and find the filled in black circle hold it down and the music symbol,spade, heartetc will pop up it will be a real heart not this. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. Save this heart or this page somewhere, and every time you want to post this heartcopy and paste it.

Edit: You can't do the white heart on your phone. Not all characters are displayed on What should your pulse oxygen level be. You can however paste that heart onto Facebook via computer. Someone said: I don't know I've tried every thing! Was this comment helpful? Someone said: you could do this L it wont make a heart but its an emoticon :.

Someone said: " Someone said: you do. Someone said:. Someone said: what about a big heart? Someone said: how do you do this? Someone said: How do you make all these how to make a big heart on fb. Someone said: just press alt then 3, but its got to be the numbers on the right side of the keyboardSomeone said: how to make.

DDiana said:? Someone said: thanxxx diana Someone how to end ur period faster um okayy so for some reason my iphone wouldn't copt the heart on here so i found this free app called icn keyboard plus.

Someone said: Ermm there is no icn on app store!!!! Someone said: I dont like this site, never has the answer. Someone said: Use japanese kata keyboard, press the ABC button twice and hold 1 till you can select the star symbol then choose the?? Someone said: I can not read the text, they are very small.

I hope there is an original fix for this problem from Whatsapp. Someone said: :. Someone said:? Someone said: u hold alt and press 3 or in some cases making. Someone said: you can try Ctrl 3. Someone said: First do this. Someone said: hold down the Ctrl key while you type.

Someone said: what do u think to work the facebook heart chat. Someone said: How do u do this??? Someone said: yhu juss turn on num lock and press alt 3 and chu get?

Someone said: If you are on facebook. Someone said: Someone said: I don't get all this. Someone said: my iphone black hearts turns out to be a emoji. Someone said: how do yuh do the parenthesis as the very top of the heart?

Someone said: How about an anchor? Someone said: [[]] here you go' lolz. Someone said: here is another you can copy and paste into facebook chat [[]] along with the one i've posted above' 8.

Someone said: this is absolutely no help at all!!!!!!!!! Someone said: You do this. Someone said: People are putting those little black "squished" hearts but not actually explaining how you do it. So how do you do it??? Someone said: just like. Just open that image on paint then click the insert text icon, and then click on the part of the image how to make a big heart on fb where you wanted to put the text.

Someone said:??? Well, you have to stop thinking about him by going out more and exploring. You can simply hold Alt and type the number 3 to get the ascii version of a heart.

Not sure if that works on phones though but definitely works on a computer keyboard. Facebook has changed for some people and they can no longer make a red heart.

Try searching the internet and copy and paste the heart symbol you prefer. Anonymous 1. Anonymous 5. Use the app called body symbols for ur iPad iPhone or iPod touch. Anonymous "Heart is usually h Heart is usually h open bracket H close bracket. Anonymous 7. Add Your Answer How to make big heart on fb?

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My Aunt couldn't figure out how to do it so I made a vid for her =)Amy LeePO Box Cordova, TN

Facebook has added a new effect on Messenger called love effects. The new effect adds fluttering hearts to your messages. Its a great way to dress up the text you send, especially during these times. The process is just like other Facebook Messenger effects. On the app, create a new message or open an existing conversation. Take note that the heart effect only applies to text. And apparently, it is not yet available for everyone.

The heart or love effect is a great addition to existing effects gift , fire and confetti. The social media network is most likely to add more, as usage increases. Facebook has been busy adding new features to Messenger. The most recent addition, Vanish Mode , makes messages disappear after its read. Unfortunately, the mode is not yet available in the Philippines at the time of this post. Bryan is a tech enthusiast and self-admitted geek who enjoys blogging and watching NBA clips on YouTube. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate communications, marketing services, and customer relations from different industries such as telecommunications and banking.

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