How to make a bracelet with loom bands

how to make a bracelet with loom bands

8 Easy Bracelets for Rainbow Loom Beginners

Aug 12,  · one of a kind elastic bracelets and more with this complete Rainbow Loo. Dec 26,  · It’s very easy to make the fishtail loom bands. Get a band and make an 8 get another and do the same. Get another band and leave it normal on top of the eights keep repeating until it is the size for you. If it is too BIG take a few bands off. If it is too SMALL add another few bands. When you ready and it is the size for u. Put the hook on =easy.

Last Updated: September 20, References. To create this article, 65 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been how to make a bracelet with loom bands 1, times. Learn more Rainbow Looms are cheap, beacelet bands that you can get at wtih craft stores around the world.

A fun hobby for anyone, weaving bracelets on a Rainbow Loom is easy loo, the items make great what were the wright brothers hobbies or just accessories for family and friends. Get started with How to make a football square sheet 1 below or see the table of contents above to find a method that sounds fun for you! These steps have the same step hkw the fishtail but for this one, you just need 2 rubber bands each fold, while the fishtail uses 3.

To make a basic Rainbow Loom bracelet, stretch a how to change time on rolex datejust band diagonally from the first center peg of the loom to the first left peg.

Add a second band onto the first left peg, stretching it diagonally to the second center peg, then add more rubber bands in a zig-zag all the way down the loom. Turn the loom upside down, then use your hook to grab the second rubber band and stretch it over and around the first, hooking it back onto the woth peg.

Repeat this process all the way down the loom, then connect the ends of the bracelet with an S-clip. To learn other designs of loom bracelets, such as a starburst or inverted fishtail, keep reading!

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Bznds. Method 1 of bwnds Set up your Rainbow Loom kit. Read the instructions that came with your loom and set it up like the directions say. Make sure the U-shaped pegs are facing up. The arrows should be facing away from your body. Place the first band diagonally. Place your ti rubber band diagonally on a peg. Starting with the first middle peg is recommended. Bahds doesn't matter what side you go to when how to make a bracelet with loom bands move the band diagonally, but stick with it.

Place a second band. Place the second band diagonally from the first band, with the last peg you placed a band on serving as the starting point.

Repeat the process. Repeat those steps, reversing the direction of the diagonal each time, until you have what looks like a zig-zag all the way down the loom.

Flip the loom. Flip the rainbow loom so now the pegs are facing downwards. The arrows should be pointing towards your body. This will help you grab the mke to weave them. Use the hook. Use the hook to grab the second band on the first middle peg from underneath the first band. Place the band. Flip the band on your hook so that it bends in half bent over the band above it and place it over the second peg in the next row.

Whether it is to the left or right depends on what you chose earlier. Repeat this process. Continue the process across the whole Rainbow Loom. You should end up with something that looks like the image above like a series of connected circles. Add the clip. Get a C-clip or an S-clip from your kit. Hook it onto the last rubber band. Remove the bands from the loom. Btacelet the rubber bands from the loom, carefully.

Stretch the bracelet out. Connect the ends. Connect the end of the bracelet to the C-clip. Enjoy your new bracelet. Now that you're finished, keep making more! Method 2 of Make the perimeter bands. With the arrows pointing up, loop a band from the first center peg to the first left peg. Next, loop a band from the first left peg to the second left peg, then the second to the third. Make the first burst. Push all of the perimeter bands down. Then, place a band in Color A whatever color you want on the second peg of the middle row and the second peg of the right row.

Then place five more bands going from the middle row peg to each of the surrounding pegs, in a clockwise motion. This should leave you with a starburst or asterisk shape.

Make the next bursts. Place a band from the fourth peg of the middle row diagonally to the fourth peg of the right row. Do maks clockwise bands again until you have another burst with a bottom that overlaps with the top of the first burst.

Continue doing this bqnds the whole loom is filled inside the perimeter. Keep pushing down the bands each time. Place the middle circle bands.

Double up a band in the perimeter color and place it on the final middle peg. Then double up another at put it at the center of the burst. Start the weave. Turn how to make a bracelet with loom bands kake around so that the arrows are facing you. Then, hook the bottom loop of the closest starburst from the first middle peg how to make a bracelet with loom bands pull it up careful not to dislodge the other bands on the peg.

Weave all of the bursts. Next, starting from the center of the burst and moving counter-clockwise, use your hook to grab the first half of each band and loop it onto the peg it starts on going center, peg, center, peg, center, peg, and so on. Always be careful not to dislodge the other bands on the center peg. You should bznds left with something that looks like a flower or a banfs.

Do this process for all of the bursts. Weave the perimeter. Starting with the band that lom around the bottom right and bottom center pegs, grab the end that's wrapped around the bottom center peg and pull it down without dislodging the other bands And over the bottom left peg, so that both ends of the band are on that peg. Then, do the same for the band which wraps around the bottom right and second to left pegs.

Add the end loop. Reach your hook down through all of the bands on the last middle peg. Grab a new band that you hold in your fingers, pull it up through the bands, and then slide your hook through the loop of the new band, so that it's completely wrapped around the hook. Add the extension. Add new wtih onto the loom, around five of them all down one side. Loop banss band from the first peg onto the second peg, then the second peg onto the third, third onto the fourth, and so on. Then, what percent of the population has leukemia the first loop on the hoe of your bracelet on the side without the hook and treat it like another rubber band, adding it to the chain you've started on the loom.

Next, chain the bands from the end with the bracelet all the way down makd the first band.


When we got our Rainbow Loom back in September we started out with the Single and the Fishtail pattern. As a result, we had to fumble our way through some difficult patterns, which at the time, seemed very frustrating.

Squared Single. Double Band Fishtail. Triple Single. I already know how to do most of these. It would be easier for them. I can too!

Get a band and make an 8 get another and do the same. Get another band and leave it normal on top of the eights keep repeating until it is the size for you.

If it is too BIG take a few bands off. When you ready and it is the size for u. Just keep practising. Hope I helped. I had just got my new loom for Christmas, and have tried acopole of these that I thought were easy but the bonbon always fell apart when I tried to make it. I really loved the fishtail and the railroad though. Hi girls.

Just go onto a couple of different links on the page you searched and it will work out. Practice makes Perfect. Mine did too but i got mine after 5 tries. When you pull it off make sure the bands are pushed down and the hook is tight inside the bands. I got obsessed with the rainbow loom. I have been making bracelets like crazy. I am even selling them to people in my class. Thank you for this. The railroad is the same as the triple single accept not filling the middle row with elastics on the loom and the double fish tail is the same as the fish tail just using 2 elastics instead of one.

They are fairly simple the kids that i work with just showed me these today and i already know how to make several different types. I had my little sisters do these 6 and 7 years since they both got looms for Christmas, and they can do many of the harder bracelets including starburst.

Thanks guys! I totally agree literally about YouTube because I type in some bracelets I wanted to do and some think penguins at the zoo pops up Lille literal peniguins not loom peniguins actual peniguins????????

I love making bracelets with my rainbow loom. My favorite bracelet is the double fishtail. Very addicting. I absolutely love these loom bracelets. You must be very talented if you know how to do all of those bracelets. Thanks for this website it is so useful. Sincerely Maddi???? I thought the Triple Single was also known as the Waterfall… at least, thats what the kids here came them. It is easy to do the single, fishtail and inverted fishy on 2 fingers that is how I prefer to do those ones.

Sames their is also the double fishtail you can do and I just thought. Could you do a double fishtail inverted?? I got a loom for Christmas and I cant stop making them. I hope you understood what I meant and sorry if it was complicated! Press it and make sure it says something like myyyyaaa macaroni bracelet and you can see what I meant by looking at the ring attached to the bracelet. Sorry about the really complicated stuff and hope you look at it and make a tutorial for this even if it is really easy to make.

I just got one for Christmas and I barely know how to do anything but thx 2 u I know how 2 do a whole 2lot more thx so much your the best whoever u r and do you know how to make all the bracelets if so post some more pppppppppplllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeee. My kids love it and they are so easy to make a found some where that Does not need a flim clip because Internet is slow.

Thank you soo much!!! Thank you so much for putting this together! My daughter just started making bracelets. I wanted to find different styles for her to try, and it was really confusing on YouTube to figure out which patterns were easy or advanced.

This was exactly what I was looking for! A lot of them wanted me to make them one. I wonder how hard it was and how long it took to figure out how to make the looms? My favourite colours are dark blue,green,red and yellow. Loom bracelets are a lot of fun to make. I hope in the future more loom bracelets,rings,necklaces and a lot more things will be invented.

Thanks for inventing and showing me how to make loom bracelets I wonder how many other things can be made out of loom bands? I tried the triple single but it fell apart because my loom is different. Mines similar and the pegs are diagonal going down but I went on a different website where they have video tutorials and it worked perfectly. On the one they used the pegs are in a straight line in each row.

So I think with certain loom designs we will need a different loom bracelet maker. Hey can i ask, where can you get a loom from and im struggling on the hockinng bit. Thankyou xxx. Not me but my friend, not telling her name, has made one with bands, and counted plus counting. Bet that, oh and that friend just text me now saying she has bands. Can u type the instructions as well as the video? I cant see youtube bcoz i hav super duper bad internet.

Actually, they did post some video tutorials. They did post it. Every time I tried the flower loom band every time the loom bands just kept breaking. I tried 8 times and with new bands every time and they still broke. So I quit now trying that one. Hello Molly all u hav to do is lift the middle section and hold the rest.

It should come out and u can then move it to make the triangular end. Have fun looming and remember. A good loom is a bloody hard one! Now five down and 3 more to go, I can make the five in about five to ten minutes. For everyone who thinks their pegs are wrong or who doesnt have an arrow, I found a solution!

Just got loom bracelets today and broke my finger cos I have been doing it all day and the doctor said if I want continue to make them I have to use pens and pencils.

You should put heaps more videos of how to make loom bands on the website BUT…. I did bonbon, single, i did all of them BUT… i tried to do railroad and it fell apart, and did you make the website called 9 easy bracelets.

You just keep going till you think it fits. Thanx I made the triple single and the bonbon and the diamond and the squared single and it worked. I love doing fishtail because it is fun and easy to make. Me and my mom love doing loom bands because one day I am going to open a loom band shop pretty cool HAY. I think that this website is amazing!!! I love loom bands and they are so fun to make. But at least inverted fishtails you can do on you fingers and a hexafish on a fork!!!! I know how to do the single, fishtale and diamond they are so easy to make but I alway do the single.

These ones i already know and im advanced not beginner so make a deal of it! Then I decided to buy some rainbow loom stuff. Now I can make Single, squared single, fishtail, inverted fishtail and heart chain. I can do the double band and the Bon Bon the single and all the others except triple single Isabelle stone. They are all amazing I could only do the single the fishtale and the double band???? I hope someone can help me, thank you. They dont have all the really cool ones if you want check out the website made by mummy and it shows you how to make really cool charms.

I have just completed the fullsize dragon it wss really hard and yesturday I did the tangled garden it didnt even use a loom it looks hard but it is quite easy and it takes masses of time.???? Lucky people i read a few comments.

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