How to present your portfolio at an interview

how to present your portfolio at an interview

Pro interview tips: how to present your design portfolio

Apr 07,  · How to Present Your Portfolio on a Phone Interview Phone interviews are usually done where the interviewer has your portfolio on their screen and you have it on yours. You can ask the same question about how they want you to present mw88.xyzted Reading Time: 7 mins. When deciding how to organize a portfolio for a job interview, present your past experiences in a manner that’s as straightforward as you can manage. That means sticking to one page per project, or even one page for every project. Detail is important, but .

Guiding a prospective employer through your portfolio is a key part of any design job interview. Even freelancer designers and illustrators occasionally need to explain their work in order to win new briefs. Here are some key pointers for success.

Can you tell a story, supported by your work, how to process nef files how you solved a problem, applied your creativity, and met the brief?

Run through what you want to say a couple of times, before the interview, to automatically give you a little extra confidence. What to wear? Learn about their clients and portfolio, and try your best to find complementary work to include in yours. Confidence Interviews are nerve-wracking, but show that you are confident when you arrive by introducing yourself and shaking hands with those who are reviewing how to present your portfolio at an interview portfolio.

Look them in the eye, be friendly and try to relax. How to present your portfolio at an interview the interviewers what you enjoyed about the projects you worked on as much as why you like the final outcome. The reveal One particularly effective storytelling technique that you can use is to preface each example briefly before you reveal the work.

The interviewer might be prompting you towards how the work is relevant. Whatever it is, you want the interviewer to remember you and your work, and to get in touch.

Follow-up A day or two after the meeting, contact the people who saw you to thank them for their time and ask them if they have any feedback to offer. These tips first appeared inside The Portfolio Handbook, which is on sale now — bringing you a plethora of pro advice for presenting your work with impact, whether you're looking to land more work, climb the career ladder or raise your professional standing.

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Convey what you want to say Decide what you are trying to tell the person viewing your portfolio, and remember that you may not always be there to explain your work. They may ask you to pick one piece to talk about in depth, so be prepared for this. Also remember - art tutors hate plastic wallets, so don't waste your money! An interview portfolio consists of six main parts: an introduction, a professional background summary, STAR behavioral examples, awards and recommendations, sample solution (s), and a closing mw88.xyzted Reading Time: 7 mins. Nov 12,  · 1) Inform the interviewer in advance that you have prepared a portfolio to demonstrate work done by you, along with the skills set you acquire for the position. Offer it for further review. Bring it in the scene only if the interviewer shows interest to explore it.

While preparing for the job interview, most people focus only on the questions they will face. They try to prepare for each question and figure out a good answer. Other things also matter on a big day, however. Your attire , your non-verbal communication , your mindset, the documents you bring to the interview with you —all of that plays a role in the interview, and has some impact on the final outcome of your meeting with the hiring managers.

Only a few people think about creating a portfolio, or about bringing it to the interview with them. Statistics I collected while running a recruitment agency reveal that less than five percent of job seekers did actually bring the portfolio to the interview. A mistake? A chance missed? Before we think about it together, let me explain what a portfolio sometimes also called work portfolio , or career portfolio, or colloquially even interview portfolio is:. The two most common forms of work portfolio are either an online version , or a paper form.

Each of them has some advantages, and you can actually have both at the same time. Nowadays, when it is easy to make a website think WordPress , Blogger, Drupal, or even specialized portals for creatives, such as PortfolioBox. Online portfolio makes it easy for you to link to your best works in your job applications job applications are also submitted online. If you are not tech savvy, however, it can be tricky to make it in a right way beautiful, meaningful, and at least somehow unique.

What is more, not all employers have experience with the portfolios, and some may even ignore the link to the portfolio, though you included it in your job application. When you have your best works on paper, it is easy to show the portfolio to the interviewers. On the top of that, leaving them a copy or even original of your portfolio is a great excuse for a follow-up call. You will call them to collect your portfolio, and, just by chance, you will use the opportunity to ask them whether they still consider hiring you.

If the answer is negative, you can at least use the call to get a valuable feedback on your performance , trying to understand the reasons why they chose someone else for the job. The crucial part of the work portfolio is a collection of the samples of your best works, and achievements.

For example:. A nice video on YouTube will tell you the answer. You do not necessarily have to include everything the lady recommends, but you can include any item from her list, and the video will definitely give you some ideas.

Portfolio can definitely help you to succeed in an interview. People are visual beings, and to see your best works is completely different than to just hear about them.

It is better, and the emotion is stronger. What is more, a portfolio also serves as a reminder of what you have done and achieved in your professional career. Such a reminder will help your self-confidence , which will subsequently help you to do well in an interview. Create a portfolio, and continue your preparation with IntrerviewPenguin. Table of Contents. Author Recent Posts. Matthew Chulaw. Matthew has been working in international recruitment since He helps job seekers from all walks of life to pursue their career goals, and to prepare for their interviews.

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