How to remove a stent in your kidney

how to remove a stent in your kidney

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Jun 26,  · Removing a stent by performing cystoscopy (with video below): When no string or only a portion of the string is left attached, your urologist will need to use a camera to enter your bladder through your urethra. He or she can then see the stent and . Dec 31,  · As a result of your recent procedure, your urologist may have placed a ureteric stent in your ureter (tube from the kidney to bladder). A ureteric stent or JJ stent is a specifically designed hollow tube that is made of flexible plastic which is approximately cm mw88.xyzted Reading Time: 2 mins.

How to remove a stent in your kidney a result of your recent procedure, your urologist may have placed a ureteric stent in your ureter tube from the kidney to bladder. A ureteric stent or JJ stent is a specifically designed hollow tube that is made of flexible plastic which is approximately cm long. It is placed in the ureter and is held setnt place by a coil at each end.

It is quite common for the stent to irritate the bladder and you may go to the toilet often and pass very little urine. This is just temporary and will resolve once the stent is removed. If this is distressing, contact Urology Associates as there is a medication oxybutynin which can help with this symptom.

It is also common to experience discomfort in the kidney region when passing urine, whilst you have a stent in place. This is nothing to worry about. You may have noticed a string coming out of your urethra water pipe.

This string will be used to remove your stent in several what was the effect of bantu education. Your hod will give you an indication how long the stent should stay in place. Once rekove stent is removed you will probably experience what is proficient in a language pain the next time you pass urine and you may also notice blood in your urine.

This is quite normal and it will pass. Make sure you drink enough fluid to keep your urine a pale yellow colour. This will reduce the likelihood of blood clots in your urine. Contact Urology Associates and arrange a time to have the stent removed by a nurse. For GPs. News Latest News Blog. Removing your stent. How to remove your stent Wash and clean your hands thoroughly It is important to try and relax.

This will make removal easier. Take hold of the string and with a firm, steady motion, pull the stent until it is out. Remember that it is approximately cm long. This will feel uncomfortable but it should not be painful. Posted January 1, Categories General how to remove a stent in your kidney. If you have questions about any of the topics, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Feb 01,  · A cystoscope is often used to assist the doctor in removing the stent. In most cases, kidney stent removal is completed under a local anesthetic. The doctor numbs the urethra with a topical anesthetic suspended in a fluid. Once the area is numb, the patient will not be able to feel any pain as the stent is removed. A ureteral (say "you-REE-ter-ul") stent is a thin, hollow tube that was placed in your ureter to help urine pass from the kidney into the bladder. Ureters are the tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder. There are several ways to remove the stent. The stent may have been removed by your doctor in a hospital or your doctor's office. Stents can be removed in two different ways. Sometimes, a string is left attached to the end of the stent. This string is allowed to come out of the patient’s urethra, the tube where he or she urinates. The string can be used to pull on the stent and remove it.

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I had stones removed Wednesday. Today is Saturday. My doctor, who has a really good reputation at a famous hospital in the Northeast U. I pulled the string and removed the stent about 2 hours ago. There was no pain, no blood, no after effects. It was fascinating to see what the stent looks like. Before doing this, I ran the shower first and made sure that everything was rinsed off --made sure that there was no residual tape or anything else.

If your doc says that you can do it, relax and don't worry. The doc told me the best bet was take two pain pills one hour before you get ready to do it. I had a stent installed after the removal of a kidney stone, on the 5th day the doctor said to remove it.

I told him that I would come to the office and have the nurse do it. The nurse called back and said no that I was to do it. With little skeptism I followed her direction, 1 wait until you have to urinate real bad, 2 disrobe, and 3 get into a hot shower, 4 start to urinate and as you start, 5 gently start pulling on the string.

After about 2 ft of string and stent it was over, felt it start to move and in 15 seconds it was out with no pain. Everything went as she said it was and this saved an office visit. The idea and thought of doing it was more stressful than doing it.

Just like taking out stitches. Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. Due to the holiday I can not find a professional to remove them. I understand this can be painful, however the cramping from the stents as sever and I am entertaining self removal.

Is this a wise chose and what is the best method for me to follow if I chose to go through with this on my own? Auben over a year ago I know this is a late reply but I was reading about stent removal and thought I would share my experience from last weekend.

First I had been passing a stone since Feb '08 which I had never known I had or experienced before I thought it was an appendicitis In May I had blood in my urine so after xray, sono and CT they found the stone close to my bladder. I was told they would look for other stones and they would remove it with laser if they could. I really had no idea what to expect. I had no idea I had to go under general anesthesia and tried to get out of it but they put me under anyway.

When I was in recovery I had to urinate and went into the bathroom I was told this was normal.. I couldn't lay or relax Pulled it out rather quickly I was happy I packed myself in as many ice packs as I could and finally fell asleep. In the morning I felt better I've been on antibiodics for a week and feel ok but have some slight discomfort.

I have also had times when I just sweat and get waves of nausia I wonder if the cramping and spasms would have happened anyway when they would have removed it in the doctors office? It was a learning experience and I hope it may help answer some questions for someone else.

Don't be afraid to ask your doctor Take care Debra B over a year ago I recently had 3 large stones shock waved. Before that, I had a stent put in my left kidney and s it was there for over 3 months. It was always causing me discomfort, and when I over did things; it would cause me to bleed and need to take something to help the pain.

I started bothering me even more, the string they had attached was so annoying and caused pain if I moved it any. Today, I felt the stent coming out, and the only thing I could do was remove it myself because it was pinching my insides. I found that this site was a great comfort and relief to hear that some were told by doctors to pull it out themselves.

It didn't hurt a bit, for I guess it had alredy gotten past the point of hurting. I wasn't sure if anything broke off or if even it was ok to pull out, but due to reading much of what I did here, I fell comfortable in doing what I did.

Surprising to me that the doctor never warned me that this could happen. As the time went by, I began to find great discomfort, but with a little pain pill, I am able to wait it out. I had no clue to what a stent looked like and in one thing I read here is that it described just what I had in my hand and that nothing broke off. I don't feel I need to run to the ER and spend hours there for them to tell me that everything is ok.

Now I just have to pay attention to my body and see if the stones get clogged up, which is what they were concerned would happen, so that is why they put the stent in there in the first place. But thanks to reading all that I have, I am relieved to have a piece of mind that what I am feeling is normal.

Thank You Debra. Cimone over a year ago In reply to wendy on - click to read. Hi how can I remove my stent? My doctor has postponed my surgery to remove it since I dont have Insurance any more. How can I do it myeslf? I have several stents put in and always find them to be extremely uncomfortable, so I want them out as soon as possible.

The only way to do that in Canada is to pull them out yourself as it can take a couple of weeks to wait for an operating room. The last time I needed a stent removed my doctor suggested I do it myself.

It was the first time I had heard of that but I jumped at the opportunity to get the dam thing out 2 weeks early. It was the best decision that I ever made. He put a string on it so I just pulled out. It took less than a minute and was almost painless. If the doctor does'nt put a string at the end of it then he has to go in and get it.

Trust me,it is much, much more painful and time consuming if he does it. I can only assume americans without insurance will save a ton of money as there will be no need waste a day at the hospital where you would need a doctor, nurses, and an operating room.

Guest over a year ago I am one of those lucky uninsured americans My doc.. I called Doc. Now my string is back, and I have my appt. I was hopeing they would knock me out to pull it, cause it is very painful for me They also told me that I would not be givin anything to knock me out before they used their camera to retrieve it I asked the nurse what the best method was to pull out stent on my own, and she said to wrap a stick around the string and pull it like I was trying to start a lawnmower I have a fairly high pain tollerence, but still very nervous about it Guest over a year ago My docter left a string for me to pull out.

Just apply a slow constant pull. I just took mine off myself male two days ago. It is painless, it helps if you take deep breaths and keep your mind on something else. By the way, I was told by my doctor to pull it out while taking a hot shower to relax the muscles. I began to have pain in my lower back thirty minutes after the stent removal, so make sure you have some meds handy.

Pain while urinating went away and so did the blood. After two days without the stent on occasion I get kidney spasms in my lower back and feel nausa at times. I was told it was normal and should ease up with time. Hope this helps. Health Ace. After heart bypass surgery, before I could go home the nurse had to take out my catheter. She told me to push like I was trying to pee as she slowly pulled it out. It didn't hurt at all but it did feel funny and I was sure surprised at the size of the tube they managed to get in that little hole.

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