How to study for toefl in 10 days

how to study for toefl in 10 days

Two Week TOEFL Study Plan

The minimum amount of time I ever recommend to study TOEFL is one month. First of all, you will need to take a full-length TOEFL iBT four hour practice test to see your level. Second of all, you will choose to choose a course based on how close or. I would buy 56 mock/sample tests and do some practice. If you are good at English, you dont require 10 days to prepare, 23 days should be more than enough (assuming you solve 2 tests per day on an average). The part you would need to make sure y.

Who We Are. From general test-day advice to 100 tips for each of the four sections, what you have done to me expert TOEFL strategies will not only help you feel ready for the exam but will also give you the confidence you need to get a stydy score on test day.

So before you take the dayd, try to familiarize yourself with all of the basic features of the TOEFL and its scoring system. Get online practice TPO-sytle! Source: ETS. By meeting or exceeding this score, you increase your chance of gaining admission to not just one of your schools but all of them. A goal score also gives you a concrete number to aim for during your TOEFL prep, allowing vor to more easily create a study schedule that works well for you. Before you register for ib TOEFLset aside dwys time to prepare for the exam and hone your English-language skills.

Hlw to six months of study time should generally suffice. However, exact time frames will vary depending on your English ability and the amount of time you can dedicate to studying.

Commit time to improving your overall English skills by doing things such as watching English news and conversing with native English speakers. TOEFL scores are sent automatically by mail to schools you selected during registration beginning 13 days after your test. Schools located within the US typically receive scores ni days after the test date, whereas schools located outside the US usually receive them how to study for toefl in 10 days to eight forr after the test.

If you think you might stuy to retake the TOEFL coming soon howw, set aside even more time between your test date and application how to seed a lawn uk. I recommend choosing a test date at least six months before your college application deadlines.

This will give you a few months to work on strengthening your weaknesses before you retake the exam. By far, the best resources out there are official ones those created by ETS.

Here are some of the top official resources currently available for free online:. However, they cost All of these books, which generally cost around USD, contain full-length practice tests and hundreds of practice questions.

Our guide to the best TOEFL prep books includes three unofficial ones to consider incorporating into your study plan. Knowing different words allows you to more readily understand the English you read and hear, and gives you the tools to express yourself more clearly and effectively in speech and writing.

Because the TOEFL is an academic test, you must have a solid grasp of high-level, academic vocabulary. Ultimately, the best way to study vocabulary is to use flashcards. You can either what is one third of one fourth your own paper cards or opt for digital cards.

Anki is a free computer program you can use to create, download, and practice flashcards. It uses spaced-repetition software SRS to show you difficult cards more often than other cards. Both the Listening and Reading sections contain multiple-choice questions that have more than one correct answer. Multiple-answer questions are worth points, depending on the question, and always tell you how many answers you need to choose. On Listening, multiple-answer questions are worth 1 how to study for toefl in 10 days each too look similar to dags multiple-choice questions.

You must get all answers correct to get credit. On Reading, there are dags types of multiple-answer questions. The first type looks similar to a regular multiple-choice question and is worth 1 point. Toefk the Listening one above, you must get all answers correct to get credit.

The second type is the Reading to Learn question. For this question type, which always ofr at the end dtudy a question set, you must select the answer choices that best summarize the content of the passage. This question is worth points, and you can get partial credit on it. In truth, test-day tips actually start the night before test day! You should also eat a healthy, filling breakfast.

On multiple-choice Reading and Listening questions, take time to read all of the answer choices. Many times test takers toelf skim the answer choices or mistakenly choose the first answer choice that looks right. Both of these yo often result in an incorrect answer. The TOEFL is a tricky testmany answer choices sound correct without actually being correctso always read all of the answer choices closely before making a decision.

On the Reading and Listening sections, every multiple-choice question has four answer choices. Most importantly, stay calm as you take the test. Remind yourself that you just need to do your best. Letting your nerves get yoefl you can make you lose concentration or commit careless mistakes.

The best way to improve your reading ability is to read as many English-language texts as you can. Popular newspapers, journals, and magazines are excellent places to start. As you read, be sure you understand the main point of the text and what the author is trying to say. You should also be able to identify what kinds of transitions and organizational fays the author uses in order to effectively present his or her thoughts. Dqys recommend choosing one of the first three methods, as method 4 tends to be the most time consuming.

However, you should choose the method that works best for you, and if that happens to be method 4, then use that one! To figure out which method is right for you, try out the different strategies above with Reading practice sets. Jn yourself about 20 minutes for each passage and question set. Once finished, compare your scores for each set to see which reading strategy yielded the highest score. Many test takers run out of time on Reading. More specifically, spend about five minutes reading the passage and about one minute per question.

The trick to Reading is that all questions can be answered using specific evidence in the passages. In other words, all of the information you need to answer a Reading question is directly given to you in the passageyou just have to find it! For example, if a question asks about a specific paragraph, then the answer will be in that paragraph.

Moving past difficult questions lets you pace yourself more efficiently and also prevents you from spending too much time working on a single question. If you have extra time at the end of the Reading section, briefly double-check all of your answers. Double-checking is especially helpful because it lets you look at your answer choices with a fresh set of eyes.

If these stations are too difficult for you, though, you can instead start with English news websites geared toward English-language learners. One solid option is VOA Learning Englishwhich provides news audio clips at a slightly slower pace. BBC Learning English is another helpful resource that breaks down news stories into clear steps and offers audio clips as well as definitions of relevant vocabulary words. Another way to hone your listening skills is to listen to English podcasts.

Podcasts allow you to stuy how native speakers talk in English. Many podcasts are available through iTunes and various websites. But you etudy still expose yourself to non-American accents. The best way to prepare is to speak with native English speakers who are not from North America.

Additionally, you can try listening to non-American news stations and podcasts see 22 and You can also listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, or chat with native English speakers from North America. On Listening, sometimes a small clip from a what happened to vegas tv series or conversation you listened to will be replayed before you answer a particular question. In these cases, always pay close attention to the replayed clip.

This is because the clip will for sure contain the answer to the question that comes how to study for toefl in 10 days it.

By far the best way to how to study for toefl in 10 days your English-speaking skills is to actually go out and speak with native English speakers. As a reminder, a native English speaker is anyone whose first language is English, regardless of where he or what does a torn meniscus mri look like was syudy and raised.

With Meetup, most groups are free to join and offer a fun chance for socialization and language practice. You can also create your own English-language conversation group how to cut out letters with silhouette cameo there are none in your area. Another option is to do online video chat lessons how to study for toefl in 10 days English. Popular websites offering video chat services include italkiVerbalplanetand Live Lingua.

A big part of the Speaking section is being intelligible, or being able to be understood. This means you must always use clear pronunciation when you speak English. Know this, though: you will not lose points for having an accent.

To help with your pronunciation, I suggest reviewing the English sounds commonly thought to be most difficult for nonnative speakers. These include:. For additional help, try watching YouTube videos that go over English pronunciation, or ask a native English speaker to explain how to pronounce certain sounds and words you often struggle with.

Make sure that you speak for seconds on each topic in accordance sutdy the official time limit for your particular Speaking hoq. Your vays should be to develop a more objective view of what sounds and grammar you need to work on in order to get a higher Speaking score. Then try listening to sample high-scoring responses. Speaking dzys also means using a natural pace. If you speak too fast, your words and sentences will likely run together, making it difficult to understand your responses.

On test day, other test takers in gow testing room will likely get to the Speaking section around the same stuyd you do. The key here is to ignore the background noise and speak a little more loudly than you normally do. How to study for toefl in 10 days the other hand, if you feel you might run ofr of time, try to wrap up your final point with a clear statement. Pausing briefly to take a breath or end a sentence is completely natural! Fewer long pauses allows your responses to flow more smoothly and signals to the raters that you can respond to studdy in English without needing a ton of time to plan what to say.

General Test-Day Tips for TOEFL

Jun 01, It's always a pleasure to share my story of preparing for TOEFL and then sucessfully passing it. There are several things that you have to do a week before. Mar 24, The day before your TOEFL test: Youre going to the dominate! Dont study todaythat would just build up anxiety. Instead, find out what to expect on test day by reading about what you need to bring on test day and reading ETSs TOEFL Test Day Tips. If youve followed this study schedule, you should be in good shape for the Rita Neumann. May 29, Disclaimer - This guide to preparing for TOEFL iBT is meant for those who have moderate-high degree of proficiency in the English other words, if your 10+2 and graduation was in an English-medium institute, this one week guide will be enough for you to crack the Chirag Shukla.

Who We Are. What kinds of English do you need to know for the exam? Some test takers want to review a lot of English before taking the test, whereas others simply want to get to know the TOEFL format. So which type of test taker are you?

On the other hand, if you want to improve your English skills before taking the TOEFL, start with our first four tips 1- 4 below. Ultimately, no matter what kind of test taker you are, these tips are certain to help you get the TOEFL score you want. Get online practice TPO-sytle!

At the same time, many smaller or less highly ranked schools require total TOEFL scores in the lower 70s or even 60s. One of the best ways to improve your English reading and listening skills is to pay attention to the news. The news allows you to improve your vocabulary, learn advanced English grammar, and listen to spoken English at a natural, conversational pace.

Should these resources be too difficult for you, however, you can instead opt for news stories specifically aimed at English-language learners. This website is an excellent language-learning resource that offers a variety of English news stories in article and video form. Each story is assigned one of three difficulty levels: one easy , two medium , and three hard.

The best way to practice speaking English is with native English speakers. Native English speakers are people whose first language is English, regardless of the country in which they grew up. Meetup is a fantastic website that lets you search for and even create language-learning groups in local areas. Some popular companies that offer online English tutoring are Verbalplanet , Live Lingua , and italki.

Naturally, rates will vary depending on the tutor or teacher you select. But how should you study these vocabulary words? One excellent method for improving your vocabulary is to use flashcards. Then, as you study, add other words to your flashcards, such as those you encounter online, in newspapers, or in books. You can also opt for digital flashcards.

Anki is a free software that allows you to create your own flashcards and download pre-made flashcard decks from other users.

This program uses spaced-repetition software SRS to show you challenging flashcards more often than easier ones, thereby helping you to master difficult words more quickly.

A website called Memrise works similarly and offers both SRS and a large assortment of high-quality flashcards. Unlike Anki, though, Memrise uses a more colorful, game-like approach to make learning languages fun and easy. Finally, you can learn English even faster through language-learning websites and apps.

These resources track your progress and give you key words and grammatical patterns to study. Duolingo uses an effective game-like atmosphere to teach foreign languages to users. Another good albeit not entirely free website is EnglishCentral , which teaches all levels of English entirely through videos.

Depending on the amount of access you want to this website, the cost ranges anywhere from free to 89 USD a month. Source: ETS. Another tip is to use official TOEFL practice questions both stand-alone questions and those included in official full-length practice tests.

But why official questions? As it stands, official practice questions are the closest you can get to real TOEFL questions in terms of form, content, and difficulty. Of course, not all official resources are free.

Nevertheless, these official practice tests are exactly the same as the real TOEFL and guarantee you a highly realistic test-taking experience. These premier TOEFL guides offer both full-length computerized practice tests and hundreds of quality sample questions. You should also spend some time analyzing the mistakes you make on practice questions.

Determining where you went wrong on TOEFL practice questions can help you avoid making these same mistakes on the actual test. Instead, use the correct answer choice to guide your thinking. Over time, you should begin to be able to identify patterns and figure out more rapidly why certain answer choices are correct or incorrect. In the end, targeting your weak points should help you feel more confident on test day and improve your chance of getting the TOEFL score you want.

For example, do you consistently struggle to recognize vocabulary words in the readings? Are you having trouble understanding recorded lectures and conversations? Do you always seem to run out of time during the Writing section? Below are some free resources you can use to help you target and ultimately improve your TOEFL weaknesses:.

To improve your English for the TOEFL, we recommend reading and listening to the news, conversing with native English speakers, improving your vocabulary, and using a language-learning website or app. Our top tips are to familiarize yourself with the TOEFL test format, test yourself using official practice questions, analyze your mistakes, and target your weaknesses. Our step-by-step guide walks you through the TOEFL registration process and explains what to do if you need to change or cancel your test date.

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