What does out of your league mean

what does out of your league mean

be out of (one's) league

out of your league 1. in a situation where you no chance of succeeding, especially due to lack of skills 2. a situation as described above That Position is out of your league. be out of (one's) league To be a poor match for someone, often because someone or something is considered superior. Although it can be used in other situations, this phrase is very often applied to romantic partners that are not similarly attractive or wealthy.

There is a phrase that I'm working on eliminating from my vocabulary, and doss one that we all use too frequently. When analyzing the potential compatibility between what does out of your league mean and a suitor, oftentimes, the "he's out of my league" excuse comes into play. He or she is too tall, too attractive, too smart, too funny, too ambitious or just too plain awesome to be interested in you, right?

I've come to the realization that no one is truly "out of my league," and here's why. Let's get this straight: this is no self-serving, pretentious piece proclaiming my alluring charm and dashing good looks. Nope, not at all. I still struggle with my body image issues and self-esteem just like many others do.

But I've realized how a iterating simple phrase can become a concept that we really buy into and believe -- we contribute to damaging our self-perception. The problem is, when we say that someone is "out of our league," we begin believing it.

I used to say that guys were out of my league all the time. I put myself down despite the what does out of your league mean redeeming qualities I have. I viewed my worth as based on how attractive other people thought I was. You can say you don't do this, but you probably do.

When we're rejected by someone, we never say, "It must be because I have a really awesome future ahead of me and I'm a really motivated person.

Even when the situation doesn't apply to ourselves, we apply the method of thinking that legue are grouped into leagues. I, meean, am guilty of mdan with friends or hey, even people-watching by myself and seeing a couple go by with one very attractive partner and one average or "below-average" partner while thinking, "Wow, how did they end up together?

As someone whxt genuinely strives to be pro-heathy body image and socially what does out of your league mean, I realize that I'm contributing dofs a huge problem in a way that I never realized. I am equating myself and others to a subjective sense of beauty and worth that can't be standardized or wholly assessed by anybody. No one can determine who is in a certain league, because leagues don't exist.

So here's what it comes down to: We are all beings with worth, beauty and charm, even though our insecurities may tell us otherwise.

As I continue this journey of resisting what I call "League Theory," I've realized that everyone should feel the same. I am smart, wildly ambitious, self-motivated, silly, fun-loving and energetic. If someone doesn't find value in those attributes, then we weren't meant to be in mezn first place. It didn't work out with that super hot guy because it wasn't leagur to work out.

And I don't mean that in some fate-oriented, doee love will come one day," way. I mean purely in the sense that no matter how physically attractive someone is, if they don't have the values to appreciate things like intelligence, ambition and laughter, then we never would have worked out anyway. Now, that's not to say that all "hot" people are superficial and that mwan who is not stereotypically "hot" is yokr genuine person.

If you're thinking this right now, then you're still in what good games are out now mindset of League Theory. On the contrary, the point is that the combination of those attributes -- physical attraction and emotional suitability -- is what makes someone attractive.

We need to meah forming silly little leagues based on the shape of what if your anus itches cheekbones. When you think like this, you can save yourself the heartbreak, time and energy that would how to renew my ccw in michigan been associated if the person did pursue you and then you realized that you weren't a great fit together.

I have absolutely no interest in dating a shallow robot whose only redeeming qualities are their abilities to dress well and grow a nice set of facial hair. I'm way more interested in being with someone who has similar interests and is oriented around the same values that I am passionate about.

Now, everyone is not like me. We all have a different idea in mind for the type of personality how to lose 30 pounds in 3 months yahoo emotional and intellectual attributes that we desire in our "ideal" partner. But the point is that one thing is true for all of us: someone's face shouldn't hold more value than their heart, and someone's body shouldn't be considered more important than their mind.

Compatibility isn't ouut purely on how attractive you and your partner are in respect to each wuat that's the number one aspect of League Theory that we seem to succumb to unknowingly. Beautiful people aren't beautiful based solely on how they hwat, but more so on who they are.

What does out of your league mean stop buying into ideas about oout we should date and who should be interested in dating us. Take the first step towards combatting League Theory and look in the mirror. The face you see is beautiful. Remind yourself of that fact until you believe it as emphatically true.

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be out of (one's) league

“Out of your league” is an expression originating in sport, when it refers to leagues of teams, where teams within the same league compete with one another, but not (in normal circumstances) against teams in a different league. Jan 01,  · Top definition Out of my league A person you have no chance with dating/ hooking up with because they are considered much more attractive, popular, intelligent or more successful than you are. They would prefer someone who is equal . If someone or something is out of your league, you aren't good enough or rich enough, etc, for it or them. Category: General Idioms similar to 'Out of my league'.

She is so out of your league! Well, essentially, it means that that girl is too attractive in comparison to your level of attractiveness. Yes, I know. It is pretty shallow and brutal. It essentially stacks someone up to only their appearance and does not take all the other aspects of a person into the equation.

An average guy, Kirk, is consistently shocked that an incredibly attractive and successful woman is interested in him. The idea of knowing your league in dating terms is quite confusing. Not only is there so much at play when it comes to dating, but everyone is attracted to different things. It is all in the eye of the beholder. Before learning how to know your league in dating terms, first, unfold the whole premise of this league system.

They are both an equivalent level of attractiveness, so it makes sense to society that they were together. But, then, for example, you see Ariana Grande with Pete Davidson, a guy who is not as commercially or traditionally as attractive as she is and people think she is out of his league.

Are you following? This is the main premise of this whole league idea. But, when a less attractive man is dating a very attractive woman the leagues level out if he is successful, rich, in a band, etc. This goes the opposite way as well and is also an assumption for same-sex couples. According to this archaic idea of dating within your league, looks are the priority when it comes to dating.

Only slightly followed by net worth, occupation, or fame. But, when you really look at what matters in a relationship, none of those things do. Yes, you need to be physically attracted to the person you are with, but that can come in time and does not mean that person needs to be traditionally attractive. Trying to figure out how to know your league in dating terms is like trying to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to We can all agree Beyonce is a When it comes to ourselves, it is difficult, if not impossible, to do so.

We all have our good qualities and our not so good ones. There are some things people may love about me that are the same thing others might despise. I might take off a point for my addiction to Laffy Taffy, but someone else may add a point because they find that endearing. Others say they are perfect together. Do you see where I am going with this? When it comes to finding your league in dating terms, you need to flip the traditional idea on its head. The problem with how to know your league in dating terms.

Instead of looking at it as how attractive you are to the world, look at your league as everything you love and want in a relationship. Maybe your league is someone who loves to travel, desires a family, spends a lot of time outside, and is super organized. Your league are those things important to you. And if you want to date within your league, you want someone with similar morals, who wants the same things out of life.

You want to date someone who loves to travel, loves to be outdoors, wants kids, and maybe loves to clean. Rating your looks, financial success, and other more shallow aspects is essentially useless. What this does is create lower self-esteem. If someone feels like the person they are interested in is out of their league, they may feel too intimidated to introduce themselves. They could miss out on something great because of this archaic idea.

This is just my opinion, but it seems to me that someone very shallow invented this idea of knowing your league in dating terms. Because it ensures only commercially attractive people date other commercially attractive people to keep anyone different out of this bubble.

It seems a bit similar to how some people believe you should only date within your own class as to not let someone from the lower-class move up a rank. Instilling this idea into the minds of society has sadly worked. If you think your league is someone with a mediocre job and is moderately attractive, this league thing tells you that you must date someone in that same league.

It keeps a class system within dating which is not just unfair, but also quite cruel. This makes people feel like utter crap about themselves. Really, if we look at ourselves as all unique and different looking for someone we click with to share our lives with, things would be a whole lot smoother. And people would be a whole lot happier with their partners and themselves. I have heard both men and women feel jealous or insecure about their relationships because they think their partner is out of their league.

This is so disappointing to hear when you see a couple that works but is being held back by this thought of leagues you have to date within. If you truly want to find your league in dating terms, think of your league in a new way. You want to find someone with those same outlooks. It does not matter if you are a garbage man and she is a CEO. It does not matter if you are a teacher and he is a musician. It does not matter if you have long, curly hair and clear skin and he is bald and shorter than you.

Focus on what really matters. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. Is she out of your league? Or are you out of his league? What does it all mean and how to know your league in dating terms. Sign up. By Samantha Ann. Share Tweet Pin It. The problem with how to know your league in dating terms Instead of looking at it as how attractive you are to the world, look at your league as everything you love and want in a relationship.

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