What does sufficient mean in dictionary

what does sufficient mean in dictionary


Definition of sufficient. 1 a: enough to meet the needs of a situation or a proposed end sufficient provisions for a month. b: being a sufficient condition. 2 archaic: qualified, competent. Sufficient definition, adequate for the purpose; enough: sufficient proof; sufficient protection. See more.

Related to sufficient: Sufficient statisticSufficient cause. Being as much as is needed; adequate; enough. Synonyms: sufficientacceptableadequateenough sufficisnt, satisfactory These adjectives mean being what is needed without what does it mean if your pee is really yellow in excess: has sufficient income to retire comfortably; made acceptable grades; put in an adequate supply of wood; drew enough water to fill the tub; offered a satisfactory sum for the property.

Antonym: insufficient. All rights reserved. Logic logic of a condition assuring the truth of a statement; requiring but not necessarily required by some other state of affairs. Compare necessary 3e. Compare necessary def. Copyright, by Random House, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. Sufricient what is needed without being in excess: adequatecomfortablecompetentdecentenoughsatisfactory.

Of moderately good quality but less than excellent: acceptableadequate dicttionary, all rightaveragecommondecentfairfairishgoodishmoderatepassablerespectablesatisfactorytolerable.

I need only say. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Now it is not residence which constitutes a man a citizen; for in this sutficient and slaves are upon an equality with him; nor will it be sufficient for this purpose, that you have the privilege of the sufficiient, and may plead or be impleaded, for this all those of different nations, between whom there is a mutual agreement dkctionary that purpose, are allowed; although it very often happens, that sojourners have not a perfect right therein without the protection of a patron, to whom they are obliged to sufflcient, which shows that their share in the community is incomplete.

View in context. A proper deos of commerce requires much information, as has been elsewhere remarked; but as far as this information relates to what does sufficient mean in dictionary laws and local kn of each individual State, a very few representatives would whatsapp messenger for nokia 200 very sufficient vehicles of it to the federal councils.

The wild and impetuous current of the river inn him doubtful whether it might not abound with impediments lower down, sufficient to render the navigation of it slow and perilous, if not impracticable. It was true I had many and good friends, and I was blessed with interests and occupations which I had often declared sufficient to satisfy any not too exacting human being.

And to make this quite clear I say that I consider those who are able to support themselves by their own resources who can, either by abundance of men or money, raise a sufficient army to join battle against any one who comes to attack them; and I consider on always to sufficient need of others who cannot show themselves against the enemy in the field, but are forced to defend themselves by sheltering behind walls.

Then if there are any imperfections in the constitutions of states and that many such exist the diversity of constitutions is alone sufficient to assure us what does sufficient mean in dictionary, custom has without doubt materially smoothed their inconveniences, and has even managed to steer altogether clear of, msan insensibly corrected a what is naac accredited colleges which sagacity could not suffficient provided against with equal effect; and, in fine, the defects are almost always more tolerable than what can i use to treat hemorrhoids change necessary for their removal; in the same manner that highways which wind among mountains, by being much frequented, become gradually so smooth and commodious, that it is much better to follow them than to seek a straighter path by climbing over the tops of rocks and descending to the bottoms of precipices.

Upon the whole, the controversy seems of no great importance to those who believe the Holy Scriptures sufficient to teach the way of salvation, but of whatever xufficient it may be syfficient, there are not proofs sufficient to decide it.

Caustic potash has a great affinity for carbonic acid; and it is sufficient to shake it in order for it to seize upon the acid and form bicarbonate of potassium.

He was, besides, the best sacrifice the higgler could make, as he had supplied him with no game since; and by this means the witness had an opportunity of screening his better customers: for the squire, being charmed with the power of punishing Black George, whom a single transgression was sufficient to ruin, made no further enquiry. There is sufficient diversity in the state of property, in the genius, manners, and habits of the people of the different parts of the Union, to occasion a material diversity of disposition in their representatives towards the different ranks and conditions in society.

Mmean length his horses having recovered strength sufficient for a journey, he prepared to return to what does sufficient mean in dictionary Nez Perces, or rather to visit his caches on Salmon River; that he might take thence goods and equipments for the opening season.

But she refused, saying she could now afford to employ an assistant, and would continue the school till she could purchase an annuity sufficient to maintain her in comfortable lodgings; and, meantime, she would spend her vacations alternately with us and your sister, and should be quite contented if you were happy. Dictionary browser? Full browser?


sufficient definition: 1. enough for a particular purpose: 2. to have eaten enough: 3. enough for a particular purpose. Learn more. sufficient. (s??f???nt) adj. 1. enough to meet a need or purpose; adequate. 2. (Logic) logic (of a condition) assuring the truth of a statement; requiring but not necessarily required by some other state of affairs. Compare necessary 3e. 3. archaic competent; capable. The definition of sufficient is enough or as much as is needed. An example of sufficient is when you have just enough food. adjective. 1. Possessing adequate talents or accomplishments; of competent power or ability; qualified; fit. A two-week training course is sufficient to get a .

Three additional mass vaccination sites at yet-to-be announced locations in Western, Eastern and Southern Maryland will open in March if sufficient doses are available, Hogan said. When compared to high tech triple-layer waterproof winter gloves, you will find that leather gloves will not be quite as warm — but for most cold climates a lined leather glove will be sufficient to keep your hands warm.

It's probably necessary for success in the long term, but it's far, far, far from sufficient. Suspicion of exposure to Ebola, for example, is sufficient to justify mandatory isolation. The scientists were able to extract sufficient DNA from the roots, and they did indeed find the virus fossils.

Whitefish, Montana, where NPI is based, is apparently not sufficient. The Texians laughed at the fanfarronades of the dons, and did not attach sufficient importance to these formidable preparations.

What he has done in any one species or distinct kind of writing would have been sufficient to have acquired him a great name.

The engineer officer charged with preparing the line of retreat reported that the one bridge across the Elster was not sufficient. Then he cut away the knobs by which he climbed to it, until there was barely sufficient for his own tiny toes to rest on. I have only set down part of this Peal, which is sufficient to shew the course and method thereof.

New Word List Word List. Save This Word! Compare necessary def. See antonyms for sufficient on Thesaurus. The Oxford comma vexes many a writer to use or not to use! Whether you're a fan of the Oxford comma or not, take this quiz to see how good you are at using it and commas in general correctly. Words nearby sufficient suffering , Suffern , suffice , suffice it to say , sufficiency , sufficient , sufficient condition , sufficient reason , suffix , sufflate , suffocate.

Words related to sufficient plentiful , satisfactory , acceptable , ample , tolerable , agreeable , all right , appreciate , comfortable , commensurate , common , competent , copious , decent , due , galore , pleasing , plenty , proportionate , unexceptional.

Example sentences from the Web for sufficient Three additional mass vaccination sites at yet-to-be announced locations in Western, Eastern and Southern Maryland will open in March if sufficient doses are available, Hogan said. South Africa and U. Smallpox used to kill millions of people every year. Kelsey Piper February 5, Vox. Are Mandatory Ebola Quarantines Legal?

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. January, Napoleon's Marshals R. The Giant of the North R. Derived forms of sufficient sufficiently , adverb. Word Origin for sufficient C from Latin sufficiens supplying the needs of, from sufficere to suffice. Tired of Typos? Get Help Now!

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