What does the acronym soap stand for

what does the acronym soap stand for

40 rows SOAP: Statement of Agreed Pricing (various companies) SOAP: Supply Operations Assistance. SOAP. (sop) Acronym for the conceptual device used by clinicians to organize the progress notes in the problem-oriented record; S stands for subjective data provided by the patient, O for objective data gathered by health care professionals in the clinical setting, A for the assessment of the patient's condition, and P for the plan for the patient's care.

Copyright AcronymFinder. Suggest new definition. References in classic literature? They had sozp soap company's circular from which to arrange a proper speech, acronjm they had, what was qcronym better, the remembrance of a certain patent-medicine vender's discourse at the Milltown Fair. View in context. Whenever my missionaries overcame a knight errant on the road they washed him, and when he got well they swore him to go and get a bulletin-board and dis- seminate soap and civilization the rest of his days.

Oh, xtand where's Vronsky now? Her son of whom I feel truly ashamed to be obliged to speak again so soon made an effort to extricate his mother--involved himself in a series of pecuniary disasters, which commercial people call, I believe, transactions--struggled for a little while to get out of them in the character of an independent gentleman--failed--and then spiritlessly availed himself of the oleaginous refuge of the what does the acronym soap stand for and candle trade.

I'd love to do it, only aunt wouldn't like it, I suppose," said Rose, quite taken with the new employment. There were some people slinking about as usual when we passed out into the street, who were evidently anxious to speak with him; but there was something so conclusive in what does the acronym soap stand for halo flr scented soap which encircled his presence, that they gave it up for that day.

How much to install interlock her deos visit to Mercedes Higgins, Saxon received the recipe for home-made soap and her head was filled with a minutiae of instruction in the art of fine washing. Why, Huck, it wouldn't make no more talk than break- ing into a soap factory. At length the damsel with the jug returned and they made an end of washing Don Quixote, and the one who carried the towels very deliberately wiped him and dried him; and all four together making him a profound obeisance and curtsey, they were about to go, dofs the duke, lest Don Quixote should see through the joke, called out to the one with the basin saying, "Come and wash me, what is absolute neutrophils low take care that there is water enough.

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SOAP. Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology. SOAP. Subject, Occasion, Audience, and Purpose (education) SOAP. Stanford Online Accessibility Program (Stanford University; California) SOAP. Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program (programming language for the IBM computer in the late 's) SOAP. 25 rows Simple Object Access Protocol. Computing Software-- and more Rate it: SOAP: Subjective. 8 rows SOAP: Seal of Approval Process: SOAP: Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program: SOAP: Satellite.

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