What is a cassette toilets in caravans

what is a cassette toilets in caravans

A quick guide to cassette toilet emptying and maintenance

Jan 02,  · Cassette toilet overview There are are two main parts of a caravan cassette toilet. The Cassette (the actual toilet bowl inside the van) 2. The Waste holding tank (where toilet waste is collected, ready to be emptied). Feb 14,  · Some caravan sites may require you to use the green ‘septic tank safe’ cassette toilet chemical apposed to the blue toilet chemical which contains Formaldehyde: Image – mw88.xyz As with the blue toilet chemicals referenced above, you have products offered by Thetford and Elsan and many other smaller brands and none branded products.

What is a cassette toilet Before decribing the differences in cassette toilets, lets explain all the different chemical toilets we sell. Porta-Potti's are a well know brand name 2 A Cassette Toilet is built-into a caravan or motorhome and only the cassette with the waste is removable to empty 3 A Holding Tank toilet is what inspired emily rodda to write a Motorhome, Boat or Bus and the waste is pumped or drained out via a large hose.

This article is concentrating on cassette toilets. Portable Toilets are discussed in another article. When deciding which toilet is right for your van there are a few important factors that should be considered. The first and foremost is where your toilet is going to be located - do you need a side or rear entry cassette? Are you going to have a stand-alone toilet or one that is part of a shower module?

Side entry cassette toilets If your toilet is going to be part of an all-in-one toilet and shower module then the Thetford C allows you to combine your shower, toilet, and vanity into a complete and compact area giving you all the creature comforts while taking up minimal space.

The C comes with either a left or right entry cassette. Choosing what is a cassette toilets in caravans incorrect side is a very common mistake that can be easily avoided, so please take your time. The entry side is determined how long to let thinset dry before grouting when you a sitting on the toilet.

Firstly all stand alone toilets come with a rear entry cassette and swivel chair. The major difference between models is some have their own flush tank, and the others hook directly to your RVs water. Both have their pros and cons. An RV connection: Means you never have to fill a self-contained flush tank. Cannot add a rinse additive.

Allows use of rinse additives. Can be refill when camping with non-drinking water. If you have decided on a toilet which uses your RVs water then the next choice is whether you want to upgrade to a model with a ceramic bowl. As this time the cable will need to be replaced is it possible to purchase the pump complete with cable, rubber grommet and electrical plug.

The best price plus the best service I have ever had when purchasing a product. I was on a pretty tight time line to get them fitted, and was anticipating I would have to cancel as any delivery I have received from other companies has been a nightmare ever having to wait 6 days for a product to come from a area 1 hours drive from my home.

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A quick guide to cassette toilet emptying and maintenance

Sep 14,  · Many RV toilets have a fuse located within the cassette cavity, either on the left side wall or down the back of the cavity. It’s a normal three-amp automotive fuse so it is easy to replace. Other things to check include all wiring connections within the cassette cavity as . What is a cassette toilet. Before decribing the differences in cassette toilets, lets explain all the different chemical toilets we sell. 1)A Portable Toilet is completely movable and is fully self contained. Porta-Potti's are a well know brand name. 2)A Cassette Toilet is built-into a caravan or motorhome and only the cassette with the waste is removable to empty. The beauty of the cassette system is in its simplicity when emptying. The cassettes for built-in toilets are accessed from outside the vehicle. Simply pull out the handle and remove the cassette from the cavity. The slide cover will automatically retract over the entry hole.

There is nothing worse than a smelly toilet! And while looking after our household toilet takes very little special care, a caravan or motorhome toilet needs a little more thought in order to avoid bad smells or damage to the toilet system, not forgetting the effect the chemicals could have on waste treatment plants, such as septic tanks if not properly applied.

These additives tend to be liquid and come in litre bottles but can range down to more compact ml bottles for the weight conscious. Thetford also do a handy crystalised version that comes in pre-measured sachets. All you have to do is simply pop a sachet into to your tank along with litres of water and you're done. It's worth noting that some additives are very harsh and can damage the seals of your cassette toilet.

A good tip is to add the chemical via the waste outlet tube while the tank is not inside the van. This will prevent both damage to the seals and mitigate the risk of staining soft furnishings inside your van. Make sure you use the specially designed toilet paper that is made to breakdown easy in your cassette toilet.

This will prevent blockages and make it easy to empty the tank. There are environmentally conscious and green versions of these products on the market which are septic tank safe because, unlike the standard products on the market, they don't kill the bacteria that are found inside septic tanks. The bacteria found in septic tanks are crucial in order for them to function and break down waste.

These additives are the most important in terms of a function as they are responsible for reducing gas build up, preventing nasty smells and breaking down the solids and tissue which would otherwise cause blockages. Because of their job is to liquify solids, a cassette toilet is much more likely to become blocked if these chemicals are not used. Even when using the right chemicals and correct doses, your holding tank can become blocked due to excessive use of toilet paper!

Care must be taken when un-blocking it as there is a delicate float mechanism inside which is used to show how full the tank is. Resist the temptation to fill with water and vigorously shake the tank as this is a common way of damaging the float!

Instead, use a gentle swirling technique to try and dislodge any blockage. Most modern waste holding tanks have a large removable section on the top which can be removed, making it very easy to inspect for damage and remove stubborn blockages. If you have an older tank it may be harder to resolve a blockage, please refer to your toilets manual for advice.

At the end of the season or when your are not planning on using you van for a prolonged period it is recommended to clean the tank with a tank cleaner. Thetford suggest using a tank cleaner times a year in order to prolong the tanks life, keep it looking like new and importantly to keep it smelling fresh!

In recent years flush chemicals such as Thetford aqua rinse have developed to leave a pleasant smell and satisfying shine to the cassette bowl. However, these chemicals are not as important as the ones used in the waste holding tank as their only function is to leave the bowl clean and smelling fresh after a flush.

Specific bleaches and spays used for keeping the toilet bowl clean and hygienic have to be plastic safe in order to avoid damage to the toilets plastics, pipes and seals.

Thetford have released a couple of products that are specifically designed for cassette toilets and they are pictured below. Thursday, 2 January Will Strivens. Tie Down Equipment. Blog Categories. Blog Tips and Advise How to's. Browse by Brand. Contact Us. Our Storage Site. Opening times.

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