Whatever happened to jeff smith

whatever happened to jeff smith

Jeff Smith, longtime anchor, abruptly out at Lafayette's WLFI-TV18

Jul 10,  · Jeff Smith, a white-bearded minister who became public television’s popular “Frugal Gourmet” before a sex scandal ruined his career, has died, his Author: NBC Universal. May 02,  · Jeff Smith, news director and anchor at WLFI-TV18 for decades, was no long with the station Friday, according to memo sent to staff. News Purdue .

Intwo men called a controversial "hot talk" radio show here to make a startling accusation: They claimed the popular TV chef known as the Frugal Gourmet had sexually abused them when they were teenagers in the s. The on-the-air charges raised the volume on what had been a low-level buzz of rumors about Jeff Smith, the TV show host and bestselling cookbook author, for the past four years.

But the buzz did not break into the open until last week, when one of the men filed a civil lawsuit against Smith. The lawsuit is only the latest step in a curious and lengthy dance involving the accusers, Smith and the whatever happened to jeff smith media.

Smith, 58, never has faced criminal charges for the alleged assaults and has denied the rumors. We want it understood these are not perfunctory denials," Winskill said. Smith, an ordained United Methodist minister, has made no public response.

The lawsuit contends Smith had a practice whatever happened to jeff smith having sex--sometimes with the aid of alcohol or force--with high school boys who worked at his deli, the Chaplain's Pantry, which he operated in Tacoma from to Smith went on to fame and fortune with his highly rated cooking show, "The Frugal Gourmet," which WTTW in Chicago produced and popularized beginning in Ina private company took over production.

Smith also prospered as a highly how to bake cupcakes in a ice cream cone author, publishing 12 cookbooks, many of which became bestsellers.

Then inaccording to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, at least five news organizations in Seattle began getting visits from a man named Clint Smith, who is no relation to Jeff Smith.

Clint Smith claimed that as a teen he had been molested by Jeff Smith at the deli. Clint Smith said the checks stopped after he breached the agreement by talking about it with an acquaintance. The checks, however, didn't show the source of the money, and no news organization ran the story. Another man, who would later file the lawsuit, said he heard the claims and called in, saying he too had been abused. But he refused to give his name on the air.

Reporters from the Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Times reported last week that they contacted the accusers and Jeff Smith after the radio show, and that Jeff Smith categorically denied the accusations, calling the charges "untrue" and "ridiculous.

Winskill, Jeff Smith's attorney, said he saw no benefit in taking legal action against Clint Smith at the time. Jeff Smith, however, indicated to reporters that Clint Smith was seeking revenge. InClint Smith, then 18, was convicted and sentenced to 48 months in prison in for stealing money from Jeff Smith's business account, the newspapers reported. Last spring, the accusers hired attorneys, and they served Winskill in August with a proposed lawsuit.

Signed onto that lawsuit were Clint Smith, the other man and the parents of a boy, who, they charged, was sexually assaulted by Jeff Smith in when the boy was 14 after the chef picked him up hitchhiking.

Mark Shaffer, an attorney for the accusers, said what happens in las vegas trailer over the proposed lawsuit broke what is the best foundation for me quiz, and Clint Smith dropped out when Shaffer filed whatever happened to jeff smith new lawsuit Thursday.

The accuser in the new lawsuit is a year-old man with a wife and children who alleges that Jeff Smith abused him when he was 15 and a worker at the deli inthe newspapers reported.

Shaffer said the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, was not filed to make money for his client but to stop Jeff Smith from abusing more boys. Since news of the lawsuit broke last week, Shaffer said his office has had an outpouring of telephone calls from other men who said they were abused by Jeff Smith. Meanwhile, Siegel, who has been burned by trafficking in unsubstantiated rumors, last week took what is the purpose of database lawsuit to be a sort of how to get a certification for personal trainer on his new radio show on KEZX.

Siegel crowed over being first with the sexual-abuse allegations about Jeff Smith. Siegel, however, has lost some of his glow since KVI fired him in May for spreading a rumor about the private life of another prominent local figure, Seattle Mayor Norm Rice. Instead of ducking, Rice struck back by holding a highly publicized news conference to deny the unfounded rumor and to denounce Seigel for spreading it.

That incident changed the way KVI operated, said Rob Dunlap, vice president and operations manager of Fisher Broadcasting, whatever happened to jeff smith owns the station. Tom Brune. None filed criminal charges against him, however.

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Jul 24,  · A pair of longtime on-air personnel at WTVG-TV, Channel 13, morning anchor Jeff Smith and sports reporter and weekend anchor fill-in Joe Nugent, . Jul 10,  · Jeff Smith, who preached the gospel of food and its joys as "The Frugal Gourmet," died Wednesday in Seattle. Smith, who was born in Tacoma, was 65 . Jul 10,  · Jeff Smith, a minister who became public television's popular ''Frugal Gourmet'' before a sex scandal ended his career, died Wednesday. He was Mr. Smith died in .

I use his plausibly Chinese method for poaching, which involves turning off the heat under the water and letting the chicken sit for an hour. Then I mix the meat with sesame oil and tahini, both of which I bought and used for the first time decades ago for this very recipe, and serve it to cries of admiration.

Smith passed away in Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but, um, plus people? And yet, cooks out there still retain a little love for the guy, or at least for his recipes, which tend to work. Hey, the guy routinely got 15 million viewers! So is it still OK to like the Roman Polanski of the food world, cook his recipes, and enjoy the results? Chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Rachael Ray have emerged relatively unscathed from sex scandals, though of course, neither of those alleged incidents involved minors.

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